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Watch them.
Watch as they go insanely rabid
like wolves fighting for scraps of meat.
They pounce, hungry, saliva pouring from their filthy mouths.
You can see it in their eyes,
the primal emotion that's deep seeded in their pupils.
Watch them fight,
those filthy ******* children of the God that abandoned them.
Watch as they betray their fellow man.
Watch as they go insane and resort to being savages,
all for some green slips of paper.
Her smile shines throughout the universe
They pierce even the darkest realms,
my heart,
The looks of Ancient Egyptian princesses
Simply her deep eyes controlled the masses,
They have similar effects on myself,
Black ocean currents made of velvet emotions,
I'm lost in that ocean one calls hair,
Her pale moon-like face calms me every night,
It brings out the true side of me,
She's a constant reminder of how beautiful this world can be
Her abstract mind contorts my reality,
Her abstract mind causes me to sit and think
while others attempt to solve her
A true mystery of nature,
No one human can have beauty comparable to Persephone
To spend all eternity with her would suit me just fine
No other human could exists for all I care
My feeling are simple
I'm in love with her
Just typed this out on the spot because I felt like it, comments and criticism welcomed.
In this dark trunk of mine lies something of value
Something very dear to me
No man or woman has seen it
and neither have I
I don't know what it is
but I must find out
In that dark trunk of mine lies something of value
All my dreams and desires
Combined to form one item
I don't know when I should open it
and I don't know have the key
It will open when the time is right
So all I can do is wait
and wait
and wait
and wait
Criticism welcomed.
why can't we be together,
it would be so perfect,
just two lost souls
searching for forever,
it was written in the stars,
yet we find a way to deny it,
every time I see you,
I explode inside,
fireworks of passion within my mind,
simply seeing you causes my knees to tremble,
but you tease me,
or I just ***** things up,
is this really the end for us,
it's fast approaching and I don't know what to do,
until next time my love,
it's time for me to daze off,
into a world,
where I don't have to wonder
Constructive criticism would be appreciated.
Rainy Chicago blues baby,
Well, simply put,
rain pouring down my back,
my soles are soaked,
but my soul is drowning,
I spot an old man playing the piano,
his sorrow reeks of whiskey and cigarettes,
he lost his wife, his kids don't love him,
just a man and his piano,
love isn't just with a person

Rainy Chicago Blues,
it's all over this town,
sad faces walk by,
I see watery eyes just about to tear,
we all hope for the sun,
but the cloudy grey skies cast our hopes to Hell,
even the birds don't want to sing

Rainy Chicago Blues,
an old black man sits on the corner,
rain drops drip from his wide brimmed hat,
slowly, but surely,
he begins to play the blues,
surely he's crazy,
he is slowly dying,
his lungs filled with water,
but he pays no mind and continues to strum,
the Jesus of this rainy Chicago day
It's like my second poem so constructive criticism would be nice just don't be brutal. Thanks!
Wavy black ocean currents,
a beautiful blue sun in the middle of a white sky,
here, there is no time,
my only thought is of you,
on the beaches filled with glass,
reflections of my blood spilled upon it,
I am now one with this land,
my heart and soul belong to the shore.

On hills made of pearls
one last tower remains,
a golden tower upon a hill,
with one little window all the way on top,
there you sit, waiting,
I see you watching
and I hope you die,
I want no part of you.

My world begins to spin,
with all eyes watching,
I just want to drop dead.
This is my first poem, constructive criticism would be appreciated, but don't be too brutal!

— The End —