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Jul 2019 · 387
Alaska Jul 2019
I was once a fully bloomed daisy.
But then every time you hurt me
You ripped out a petal
Till I was left with with none
And you were finally done with me.

And there I was..
Left empty and alone.
Jan 2019 · 358
Alaska Jan 2019
You love outer space
And all of its wonders..
If only you loved me as
much as you love the stars..
Nov 2018 · 219
Alaska Nov 2018
When I care about someone
I give them my all,
every piece of me,
including the ones that are already
And I am still trying to
figure out if that's
a good
bad thing.
Nov 2018 · 221
Alaska Nov 2018
You held me as I cried and that was all I needed,
thank you.
Nov 2018 · 453
Marina Abramovic
Alaska Nov 2018
When's the last time you looked
at me?
Like really looked at me.
Nobody looks at each other
we always look down at our
phones instead of looking at
the people we
love and care
Look at me.
Why is that so hard?
We don't have to say anything.
We can speak and feel
with our
Look at me.
Inspired by Marina Abramovic' s ," The Artist Is Present".
Oct 2018 · 687
Alaska Oct 2018
This feeling that everyone talks so much about...
I think I feel it for you,
and it scares me so much.

Is it possible that I do?
I keep denying that I do, hoping lying to myself with make it go away.
Sep 2018 · 153
Alaska Sep 2018
I feel too much and can’t help it.
I’m sorry, I ruin everything good in my life.
I hope I didn’t scare you away...
Sep 2018 · 875
Alaska Sep 2018
In the darkness,
all I could feel was the
emptiness that you left
Apr 2018 · 253
Alaska Apr 2018
I'm grasping for as much air I can get...
My head is barely above water.
So this what it feels like...
To be consumed by so many emotions at once..
Apr 2018 · 605
Alaska Apr 2018
My walls are higher than I thought and I
                                    am not so sure
                                           that they will
                                                   actually come
                                                                  down this
Apr 2018 · 296
Alaska Apr 2018
I do not think I have ever felt this alone
since middle school...
And that is also when I was in my darkest place..
which is what scares me the most.
Apr 2018 · 111
Alaska Apr 2018
Looks like that dream I had came true...
I needed you
and you could not be bothered...
Apr 2018 · 185
Not even 5 minutes...
Alaska Apr 2018
I try to give all the souls I care about
as much of the world and pieces of heaven I can give,
no matter what time it is or what I am doing.
And believe me, I try my absolute hardest that sometimes
it drains me...
But you know what ?
       that is okay because all these souls that I love,
are what matters the most....
-  -  -
But wait...
when it comes to me , these souls do not think I am worth any part of this world
or even the slightest piece of heaven,
or a minute of the day...
So tell me why,
I continue to give my all to these souls that I love so dearly...
Feb 2018 · 163
Please make it go away...
Alaska Feb 2018
Why do I catch myself feeling this way in certain moments...
Maybe I should have let you go when everyone told me to.
I'm usually good at hiding these feelings from you and not having them show, because I just keep them aside because they DO NOT MATTER ANYMORE.
They are irrelevant. We are both moving on.
Why why why why
I thought I was done with all these ******* feelings.
Feb 2018 · 153
Alaska Feb 2018
I am becoming confused on what happened between us.
You told me you were leaving and did not want to pursue a relationship, because of it.
I was not ready for a relationship at the time anyway, so maybe it was for the best.
But you're going to be out soon... and now you don't want me,
Because apparently, "I was not about it".....
Dec 2017 · 188
Alaska Dec 2017
It all makes sense now...
Why I have so many issues
with love...and being loved...
With men...and attention from them...
The past has been brought up a lot lately..
And it's driving me insane that...
I might just crash.
Nov 2017 · 199
Alaska Nov 2017
Because the person who I actually
Thought would give me a chance
And show me that I did not have
Bad luck with my heart,
Proved me wrong and hurt me the
You showed me that I was not even
Worth the risk and proved me right
That I’m just not meant to be in
A romantic relationship with
Another soul.
Just solely physical... since that
Is all I am used to.
Sep 2017 · 392
Alaska Sep 2017
You hurt me,
                     I forgive,
you hurt me,
                     I forgive,
you hurt me,
                     I forgive,
you hurt me,
Sep 2017 · 174
Alaska Sep 2017
I often catch myself
worrying about me
                  that's how you know
                             I must be
                             ****** up.
It's okay though,
                 i'll be fine..
one day.
Sep 2017 · 183
Alaska Sep 2017
Her personality shown through her hair,
                                                                      golden and
Sep 2017 · 122
Alaska Sep 2017
To never know how to describe how you feel is so terrifying.
Sep 2017 · 144
Alaska Sep 2017
My soul is drowning with sorrow and
I can't seem to swim...
Sep 2017 · 130
Alaska Sep 2017
Don't pick me flowers from a garden,
give me seeds to plant my own.
Sep 2017 · 186
Alaska Sep 2017
You were actually
         the first one
     to completely ignore
how I felt and I
         guess that's why
     it hurts so much.
Sep 2017 · 146
Alaska Sep 2017
It's okay to ask for help
       it is more than okay
you are not weak
       you are strong.
Apr 2017 · 734
I'm trying to love...
Alaska Apr 2017
My face consumed with  
                acne due to PCOS.
My chubby belly, even though
                I'm trying my best to lose.
My dry hands, that no matter
                how much lotion I put on
                                               won't stay soft.
My frizzy hair that I try
                   my best to tame.
My calves, that are too big to
                     fit into "normal" calf sized
                                                           ­  boots.
My heart that gets hurt time and time
                      again but puts itself back together
                                                        ­                 each time.
My mind that cares too much for the
                       ones who wouldn't do the same for me.
                              ­ I'm trying to love  myself.
Apr 2017 · 286
Alaska Apr 2017
I wanted to hear your voice so bad,
because even though it's been over
a year since I've heard it,
I've completely forgotten
I can still picture the way you
smiled though....
I always loved your smile,
how wide you would grin,
the way your dimples
would peek through your cheeks,
I adored everything about
And your laughter was a whole
other story...
I could always tell you
were truly happy when
you laughed,
it was so pure.
I'll keep the pieces I remember
locked in the catacombs of my
for I smile every time I come
across an old one;
tears do follow but only because
even though you're not on my
mind much,
I still miss you and the good memories,
so it's time to finally throw out
the bad ones.
Apr 2017 · 212
It's been a while since...
Alaska Apr 2017
I actually missed you,
but yesterday broke
my streak.
I miss you.
I miss you and our friendship,
even though you had hurt me
yet again.
I still wished you the best,
hoping that you would find
your happiness...
but finding out that you're
not doing so well,
breaks my heart
because you're hurting.
Not only am I sad, but
hurt that you
didn't even want me as a
friend anymore.
I was there for you when you
let me be
and I could have been'
there for you now,
but you did not want me
in your life at all.
I guess maybe it was actually
my fault
for even letting myself
do anything with you
past our friendship.

I still hope you find what you're
looking for and that you become
everything you strive to be.
I never gave up on you,
you just gave up on me.
Apr 2017 · 240
Alaska Apr 2017
tempted to hit you up just so you can make
my emotions go
numb again.
Apr 2017 · 392
Alaska Apr 2017
you're the gem I've been looking for in this rough called
Mar 2017 · 236
Alaska Mar 2017
being replaced is probably
one of the most
heartbreaking feelings
in the book.
Mar 2017 · 319
Alaska Mar 2017
I can't feel bad for you,
this is your own fault,
you let this happen.
You never wanted to
change your life
for the better,
and now here
you are,
and alone.
Mar 2017 · 284
Alaska Mar 2017
I hope you find who you are
                            what you are looking for
                            your happiness
                    and true love.
Mar 2017 · 227
Alaska Mar 2017
I wanted to text you
to see how you are
because being who I am,
I always care,
but I know if I do so
I'll fall back down that
hole of trying to be in
your life again.
Mar 2017 · 246
Alaska Mar 2017
You're hiding who you are
and I hope you realize
that once you show everyone
the real you, they will love you
even more.
Mar 2017 · 233
Alaska Mar 2017
It just hurts because you made me
feel like I did not matter and
what I said was nothing but
words that had no meaning.
Mar 2017 · 213
Alaska Mar 2017
You often cross my mind,
not in a hateful way,
trust me,
but more of...
I'm just really wondering
how you are doing...
Mar 2017 · 260
Alaska Mar 2017
You were my friend
before anything,
but you seemed
to forget that
along the way.
Mar 2017 · 194
Alaska Mar 2017
think you
found love once,
you let her
Mar 2017 · 297
Alaska Mar 2017
We are all our own puzzle
connecting to
one another's life.
Mar 2017 · 223
Alaska Mar 2017
All I do
is care
about those
who could
care less
about me
I guess
that is
Mar 2017 · 219
Alaska Mar 2017
Do not go
searching  to find home
in someone else, you
must find it in yourself
Mar 2017 · 232
Alaska Mar 2017
You find out who people really are
when it comes down to those
important moments....

I never realized how much you
did not care.
Nov 2016 · 481
Alaska Nov 2016
It's as if I was glass and you threw me to see how many pieces I would  break into.
Nov 2016 · 304
Alaska Nov 2016
It hurts because you would have
never thought they would treat
you this way.
Oct 2016 · 203
Alaska Oct 2016
We're just two broken hearted people trying to make it through our messes together.
Oct 2016 · 358
Alaska Oct 2016
It takes 5 seconds to take a leap of faith and be fearless.
And then those 5 seconds change your outlook on life forever.
Oct 2016 · 206
Tell me why...
Alaska Oct 2016
I **** up
anything important
to me.
Is it
I'm scared?
I don't
want to
lose you.
I'm sorry
for not
being what
you needed.
Oct 2016 · 331
Alaska Oct 2016
I call girls
I find them
more beautiful
than roses.
Oct 2016 · 223
Alaska Oct 2016
Do not let
sadness take control
your life.
Smile as big
as you can,
love with
your whole
heart, and
laugh as loud
as you can.
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