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  Jun 2018 Kirill
Unbreakable, O Lord,
Is the love
That binds me to You:
Like a diamond,
It breaks the hammer that strikes it.

My heart goes into You
As the polish goes into the gold.
As the lotus lives in its water,
I live in You.

Like the bird
That gazes all night
At the passing moon,
I have lost myself dwelling in You.

O my Beloved - Return.
Kirill Jun 2018
Vicious lies, like knives, They cut.
Stabbed in the back, the eyes and gut.
Kirill Jun 2018
I'm not ashamed,
No, not at all.

Not when I fell,
Nor begged, nor crawled.

Not when I died,
My sacrifice.

But when we lost our paradise.

No, I am not,
I say to you.

I'm not ashamed,
To stand by you.

But if I were,
Would it be okay?

Would you see it in me if I stayed?

I'm not ashamed,
No, not at all.

How dare you show your face at all.

I'm not ashamed of all my pain.

The pain is real,
I feel again.

I'm not ashamed,
No not at all.

You did me wrong,
And aren't appalled.

You string your life,
With bows and ribbons.

While I lay here,
In my submissions.

But I'm not ashamed.
No, not at all.

I'm never there,
To take a call.

I'm not ashamed,
A lesson learned.

This apathy I feel I earned.

I am not ashamed,
But  I am slowly numbing.

Too much substance in my body
got me feeling funny
Kirill Jun 2018
To have loved and lost
Is better than to have never loved at all.
To have loved and lost is better to those who have survived its fall
Kirill Jun 2018
If memories do fade away,
Then why have mine all come to stay?

— The End —