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whyshouldiknow Mar 2016
i thought i missed him
kept asking myself why -
it's been long enough,
shouldn't i be over him by now?
why do i still want him back?
plenty of time has passed,
& did any of it matter in the first place?

turns out it did matter.
it's not him i miss,
it's how i felt when we were together.
i'd never been so happy,
haven't been as happy since
whyshouldiknow Mar 2016
this is real
life is happening,
right now

you're not here to see it
the world stops for no one, baby.
we're all stopping for you, though -
taking a minute to look back,

you have beauty to the world,
made it that much more of a happier place

                            thank you,
                                 we send our love
whyshouldiknow May 2015
i don't remember loving anyone this hard
i don't remember caring this much
i don't remember it hurting this much
i don't remember this many butterflies
i don't remember loving anyone as much as i love you

(i don't remember signing up for this)
whyshouldiknow May 2015
i fell like you're slipping out of my grasp,
like i'm losing you
& you're moving on
to bigger & better things

i'd say i didn't know what i'd do without you
except i know full well that i'd spend my time being miserable
& that my life would not be
nearly as meaningful
              or exhilarating
as it is with you in it
whyshouldiknow May 2015
you've changed the way i think about things,
the way i process the world

you've lit a spark
that turned into a roaring fire of curiosity,
dancing on the same hearth
the fire of my imagination danced on
when i was a child

everything has regained its original allure
and i am thirsty for knowledge & understanding
whyshouldiknow Apr 2015
i'm sorry
i'm sorry
i'm sorry
i don't love you
i kissed you,
  but it didn't mean anything
i kissed you,
  but i didn't feel anything

we're both a little bit broken
in all the wrong ways
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