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Seth Mar 10
amidst all of her beauty,
there was agonizing pain,
heavy clouds forming in her head,
and tears pouring like rain.
Seth Mar 7
clinging on to the last of my sanity,
excuse my ill mouth and use of profanity,
but **** everything.
Seth Mar 3
If my life was an iPhone
I've been dropped all my life,
Cracked and broken,
I couldn't heal it if I tried,

If my life was an iPhone,
I've crashed too many times,
I freeze up and get too heated,
Frustrating everyone I find,

If my life was an iPhone
Please delete my memories,
They've taken too much space in me,
I'd rather live emptily,
There isn't anyone there for me,
Just endless lists of enemies,

If my life was and iPhone,
I'm low on battery all the time,
One small request from you,
Don't recharge me after I die.
Seth Mar 3
It seems I care a little more than everyone else
Seth Feb 26
Do you      think we
Would appreciate the love
We were given if it was
Suddenly all taken
Away from
I seen something that said..." we only appreciate the things/people we love after they're all gone."
Seth Feb 24
You're dead to me,
But still very much alive,
I care carelessly,
It hurts me every single time.

My love for you,
Is a contradiction.
I love and hate you at the same time.

You wished I were dead,
But already I am, inside.
Loved you even though you hurt me.
Seth Feb 19
her eyes sparkle from tears she cried,
her layers of makeup for the bruises she hides,
her soft lips that utters all of her lies,
her beautiful figure thats been touched too many times,
drop dead gorgeous she tries to hide,
thoughts of dropping dead behind that smile.
I kinda just...wrote it. Yeah.

— The End —