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 Apr 18 Creep
The Foody One
I want to cry,
but this wouldn't do -
For I can't spill
any more tears for You.
© 11/04/20
 Apr 18 Creep
Coleen Mzarriz
There she was
Walking in the light
Disguised as an angel
Near the lake
Of shining waters
While her hair
Smells like an old flower
In the moonlight

There she was
Peeking through your dreams
While you close your eyes
In her lullabies

There she was
Singing in the light
Like an ocean's roar
In the night

Close your eyes
She's now leaving
In the quiet sound
Of the night

Close your eyes
She's an angel in disguise.
It was a poem first, before I turned into a song.
 Apr 18 Creep
 Apr 18 Creep
Why cant life just take a break
I need time to think
Before I do something stupid
 Dec 2018 Creep
Then I Was Alone
 Dec 2018 Creep
The street was light
filled to the brim
the most purest place

After a while
and it was no longer purely white

The dark showed up
the street lights came on
shadows were following behind

but then they were gone
and I was alone
 Dec 2018 Creep
it’s true
 Dec 2018 Creep
love looks a lot like you
 Dec 2018 Creep
 Dec 2018 Creep
She often said ‘I love you’
But not for statement of a fact
She just liked the way it sounded
To hear someone say it back
 Dec 2018 Creep
Sarah Judith
i wish
that love
ignited a raging fire
inside my chest
and flowed sparks through
my veins
and masked my
with smoke
so the loneliness
wouldn't feel
im trying a new style and i really enjoy the creative flow i get from it! maybe you could try it too ;)
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