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Apr 9 · 86
Risen From Hell
White Shadow Apr 9
Hey, thank you
For bringing me out
Of that ******* void
Thank you for making me
Leave those ******* things in my life
Thank you for making me
Realize that I've my own life
Thank you for making me
Understand how important I'm
Thank you for making me
Realize that darkness is not the solution
Thank you for showing me
The beautiful side of life
Thank you for being the sunlight
That brightened my world
Thank you for holding my hand and
Bringing me out of the hell I was in
Feb 23 · 214
Till Eternity....
White Shadow Feb 23
Today was something special
I moved on from past after all
Whole credit goes to you my dear
I'm sorry I left early,
As I didn't wanna see your tears
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm afraid to tell
My dear be with me always
I can't promise to give you heaven
But I promise it'll be far better than hell
Someday I'm gonna tell you my feelings
And wanna ask thy feelings for me
Do you feel the same?
Or I was just being lame?
My dear I want our story to start
And I promise I'll do everything to make our story last
Till eternity...
Jan 12 · 130
White Shadow Jan 12
I am lost
Don't know what I'm up to
Don't know what I'm gonna do
Don't know what's gonna come next
Yeah life's now been like a test

Every morning I wake up recharged
But at the end I become fully discharged

I feel like my life's empty
There's no aim
I feel like I'm alone
No-one to depend
Still everyone pretend

I feel empty inside
No energy
No emotions
No excitement
Just lonliness and negativity

I feel like I'm dead
But then I realise I'm breathing
The reality slaps me in the face
And laughs seeing me like this

I feel like I'm just the body
Whose soul left
Everything's changing so fast
But I'm left behind
This seems to be one of the
Biggest problem of mine.
This is what I actually feel
Dec 2019 · 205
White Shadow Dec 2019
The smile disappeared, after dad passed away
Body was stuffed, after dad passed away
I still remember dad carried me in the saddle
The old memory was tormented, after dad passed away
It was such a house that would be like a paradise
Destiny burned all up, after dad passed away
In front there was always a mountain of happiness
The lightning struck and collapsed it, after dad passed away
The stone is dear today, I embrace it
It weighed down, after dad passed away !!
This one is for you my hero, my DAD.
Dec 2019 · 98
White Shadow Dec 2019
I wake up being a narcissist everyday
Every morning pumps a wave of narcissism in me
But as the time passes and morning vomes to the end
The sun sets and the neight begins
I end up being a nihilist
And a wave of nihilism passes inside me
This phenomenon goes on everyday and I named it as my adulthood
Dec 2019 · 149
White Shadow Dec 2019
I try to forget everything and
Dissolve in my surrounding
I listen to different voices
Each voice has it's own role in my story
The birds chirping in the morning reminds me of the time
When we were holding hands in the dawn
The sound of traffic reminds me of the time
When we were walking down the street holding hands
The voices of couples talking reminds me of the time
When we used to talk to each other
I listen to your voice calling me
May be it's hallucination
But I just get up and smile
I listen to the voices and
Each one of them reminds me
The different parts of the incomplete story of mine
Dec 2019 · 160
White Shadow Dec 2019
Everywhere I go
I am being followed
By your thoughts,
By my fears,
By my lonliness
That I try to get rid of.
I go to places to clear up my head
But every place have some memory related to you
That breaks me again.
It's not a demon that I am afraid of
Getting followed by
But it's the memories related to places I go.
Memories related to you
Memories of us
Memories of time when I was happy from inside
But those memories clash now with the reality
And haunt me like I'm it's prey.
Every place contains a unique memory...
Dec 2019 · 245
White Shadow Dec 2019
People called me stupid
They called me mad
For loving you.
But I was blind
I couldn't see the truth.
And now as you are gone
I still try to visit you at your home.
I still imagine my little world around you
Girl I try to forget you but I end up missing you.
I am still madly in love with you
If you still wanna come back
Here I am standing waiting for you.
Waiting for you to love me
The same way you used to do.
Waiting for you...
Dec 2019 · 157
White Shadow Dec 2019
The heart suffered a lot of burning and pain
But now the wounds resulted by that burning
Are already converted into dangerous cancer
Residing in me till I am alive.
Dec 2019 · 164
White Shadow Dec 2019
It's already midnight
I can't sleep
I'm drinking
Trying to forget all the pain
And trying to sleep
But the thing is
I don't wanna forget
Drinking makes me realise
What I've lost
It reminds me of everything
That we were.
Dec 2019 · 190
White Shadow Dec 2019
A girl,
She is someone's daughter, sister, mother or wife
She is worshipped as goddess
But she is not respected the way she should be
She is always brutalized by men
People say that she was wearing short dress
Or she was in a party till late night
Or she was speaking openly with boys
Hello there I wanna say something to you
Yes you listen to me
If you think this be the reasons for a girl getting *****
Man seriously you need to clean up your head.

You march down the road with candles in your hand
You put statuses in social medias
Hashtag trends for a few days
And after a few days everything is normal
The victim either dies or suffers the whole life
And the criminal is always left aside

You know the problem with our generation is that
We think posting on social media will do everything
Marching down the road with a candle in hand
Man it's not gonna help
March down the road with the criminal
Punish him lawfully so that
No one dares to do such thing ever again.
Raise your voices against ****

We say men and women are equal
But both are being *****
They need to be protected
So tell people to respect
Be it a male or female.

Not every case comes out in media or news
We people need to change our views.

The rapists need to be hanged
So that no other daughter, sister, mother or wife gets *****.
Dec 2019 · 116
White Shadow Dec 2019
Everybody say life is a series of moments
Be it good or bad
Your life is void without moments
So today let's talk about mine
It got both good and bad moments blended
When I look at the good ones I feel so delighted
When I look at the bad ones I feel so gratified
Because if the bad ones wouldn't have been there
This black shadow would have never been luminated
And white shadow would have never been born
So I am contented to have this life.
Dec 2019 · 134
White Shadow Dec 2019
Hey you,
Is it fun bullying me?
I wanna enjoy it too.
Why do you keep bullying me?
Is it because I'm way more better than you?

Hey you,
Have you ever thought what the bullied one goes through?
You can't even imagine what it is like to be being bullied
Because you're so lost in bullying others and enjoy it.
You're making that guy's self esteem and self confidence die within
Someday that bullied one will lose every hope and **** himself
Will you be enjoying even then?
Can you survive with the burden of his death?
Can you ever forgive yourself?
Or will you be regretting the rest of your life?

So man here's my advise
Stop bullying the weaker ones
Because days are not always the same
Someday someone stronger one may come
And then you'd be converted from a bully to a bullied one.
You may enjoy bullying someone but think how that person being bullied is broken from inside.
Stop bullying if you are a bully.
Dec 2019 · 191
White Shadow Dec 2019
Childhood is a time you always want to remember
But I never want to
It is like a nightmare for me
As I got shattered,
When I lost the leader of my family, my father
I was left alone with my mother,
Bank loans and many other responsibilities
I still fear that day,
I fear thinking how horrible it was for me.
You can't imagine what I've gone through
Yes, you can never imagine
The situation I came out from,
I was left all alone on my own
Neither had a shoulder to cry or
Someone to rely on
People were there for us
But I trusted none.
My biggest fear was to face another day on my own
Knowing that I was all alone
I tried to divert my mind
But that could only help until
I realized my biggest nightmare,
That was my reality.
I overcame every bad phase and
Here I am standing tall on my own.
When you are there on your own from a very young age you learn how to be on your own.
My advise for everyone out there is that no matter what happens "NEVER EVER GIVE UP" because "YOUR WILL TO NEVER GIVE UP PAYS OFF HUGELY".
Dec 2019 · 392
White Shadow Dec 2019
I was a kid with fear residing inside me,
My biggest fear was my grandma.
Mostly children love their grandma,
But I hated her & was afraid of her,
And my biggest worry was to face her.
Outside was a ground to play,
But I was afraid to be out alone.
I was an introvert kid that lacked friends,
Hearing kids play I also wanted to go out,
But that fear kept me inside.
This is the feeling I get when I think about my childhood. I still have that fear residing inside me and I try everyday to get over it.
Nov 2019 · 105
Heart Break
White Shadow Nov 2019
When heart breaks
Everybody says
That you deserve better
But nobody understands
That you just lost your best.
Nov 2019 · 157
White Shadow Nov 2019
You left me and vanished
And never appeared in front of my eyes
I used to be happy when you visited in my dreams
But suddenly today you came in my dream and said
That you won't be visiting ever again.
It's over I guess.
Nov 2019 · 213
The Voices in My Head
White Shadow Nov 2019
I hear voices,
Sounds are striking the inner walls of my head.
Alot is going in my life,
But I'm happy to wait.
I'm happy to wait,
For the things to be okay again.
My mind needs some peace,
I wanna throw out the pieces that are piercing it.
I wanna shut the voices up that I hear,
But I'm afraid to dare.
I'm afraid of being lost in this vast world,
That is full of fake people with fakeness in everything.
White Shadow Nov 2019
I am sitting in the classroom
The teacher is teaching but,
I don't wanna study
I am here to attend lectures for the attendance
Yes, you thought it correct when I told you about the attendance
Yes, I'm an Engineering Student
Who is waiting for the college to end.
I've several dreams
waiting for the time when they'll be fulfilled.
I'm confused what to do after this.
Yes, I'm an Engineering Student
waiting for the college life to end and fulfill every dream of mine.

— The End —