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Aug 2019 · 410
my heart is a battlefield.
elja Aug 2019
wars have been thought,
battles have been fought.

agonising whines,
in heartrending times.

a bewildering trench,
led by a fair *****.

no compass,
no torch, i am indeed luckless.

my heart has been a target,
of a far-reaching bullet.

the ***** who has the key
to my heart, is dear to me

only can she open up
the heart that has been under lock.
unrequited love does feel like a never ending battle.
Feb 2019 · 215
being or BEING
elja Feb 2019
it is not that
i hate being ALIVE
i hate BEING alive
Feb 2019 · 484
elja Feb 2019
some people are trying
to collect stamps
or oil cans

yet here i am
trying to collect
the pieces of my broken heart
i still need so many pieces
Jan 2019 · 292
the question
elja Jan 2019
he saw her scars
and asked her
"why did you do that?"

and she answered
"some days it's for the pleasure
and other days it's for the pain"
yet it heals me every time
Jan 2019 · 497
the collector
elja Jan 2019

use        my
sc a t te red


to collect
m y                e   v          e     n

MO r   E
**** TEred
                       h    e   a   r  t
oh dear, and it truly is scattered
Jan 2019 · 250
the truth
elja Jan 2019
i am just a child
in a world full of adults
how could i not recognize my faith before
Jan 2019 · 203
the worst kind
elja Jan 2019
the worst kind of unrequited love
is the kind
where your dearest loved one
who holds your heart
acts like
you hold their heart
as well
oh dear, how often it happens
Jan 2019 · 353
you left
elja Jan 2019
you always encouraged me to become a poet
yet i told you
that the words i needed
was too hard to find

then one day, you left me
and the words i had needed for so long
came to me
like snow falls on a december day
oh my
Jan 2019 · 156
elja Jan 2019
you said that
was for
the weak ones

never have i ever
been this happy
to be            
you have made me weak, yet i do not wish to be strong
Jan 2019 · 401
elja Jan 2019
i saw the future in someone
who saw the past in me
oh my, it hurts every time.
Jan 2019 · 289
sorry, my love
elja Jan 2019
i am sorry
for falling in love with you
but your gorgeous mind
made me love you

i am sorry
for falling in love with you
but your amazing personality
made it hard for me not to

i am sorry
for falling in love with you
but your kind and sweet person
made me fall harder than ever before

i am truly sorry
for the trouble of loving you
because i know
that you love somebody else.
oh yes, i am sorry indeed.
Jan 2019 · 158
to my friend, the moon
elja Jan 2019
whenever people says
"go talk to your friends,
about your problems"

i remember
that my only friend
is the moon

late at night
when my feelings
and thoughts
are scattered

i talk to the moon
because it is
the only one
listening to my cries for
to the moon - my best friend
elja Jan 2019
unrequited love
s i l e n c e

unrequited love
h u r t s

unrequited love
k i l l s
the only sickness you cannot recover from

— The End —