I am Medusa; stone cold
I am Hera; a queen
I am Persephone; powerful
I am Athena; a fighter
I am Aphrodite; a lover
I am Artemis; uprising
I am Demeter; sustaining
I am Hestia; of hearth and fire

I am Olympus in its full glory.
basically, this poem is about the hidden power you carry and the strength you don't realise you have.
elja 1d
i am just a child
in a world full of adults
how could i not recognize my faith before
elja 1d
the worst kind of unrequited love
is the kind
where your dearest loved one
who holds your heart
acts like
you hold their heart
as well
oh dear, how often it happens
  2d elja
Ashish Gaur
I want to feel you
but I've long lost the feelings I yearn
I want to kiss you
but then you'll feel the coldness in my soul

I want to be a part of you
but I am afraid of the part I've become
I want to be with you
but then you'll find the demons I've to overcome

I want to know you
but I am lost in the past that haunts me day and night
I want to hold you
but then you'll sense my heart bleeds beat by beat

I want to take care of you
but you don't know how broken I am inside
I want to fall in love with you
but I've buried those emotions for a long time


You won't understand
being trapped in yourself.
So many times,
I've tried to free myself.

You won't understand
that I never meant to hurt you.
Trying to protect you,
each day I fought myself.

You won't understand
when I say it's not you.
It's never been you,
it's always that part of me.

You won't understand
because words can never tell you.
You're the reason I want to change,
so one day; we'll be just you and me.
  5d elja
our love is a game
an everlasting war
that we can never win
for we are afraid
of caring too much
so we hide
and we quiet
it is a game
we are bound to lose
elja 6d
you always encouraged me to become a poet
yet i told you
that the words i needed
was too hard to find

then one day, you left me
and the words i had needed for so long
came to me
like snow falls on a december day
oh my
elja 6d
you said that
was for
the weak ones

never have i ever
been this happy
to be            
you have made me weak, yet i do not wish to be strong
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