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Mar 2021 · 131
ravyn Mar 2021
late late late!
late for a date,
your lover is every appointment you've ever had!
im so sorry, sweetie, you say,
and take out your id.
there was just so much traffic,
and my car wouldn't start, you apologize, stalled at the check in counter with roses in hand.
Jul 2019 · 207
theres a danger
ravyn Jul 2019
theres a danger to redheads
twisted legends
their freckles arent souls but beware
if they ask to have your name
red to white to red; life to death to decomposition
theyre of a lost breed, of softly whispered promises, of favors
theres a danger to the wild ones
May 2019 · 215
lasting effect
ravyn May 2019
if you are reading this
i am alive
through these words
that may escape your mind
but lingered for just a moment
Dec 2018 · 145
ravyn Dec 2018
snapping, stinging, popping
the sound, the stretch, the sting
tightly wound and stressed
before you let it go! ZING!
Dec 2018 · 136
rubber bands
ravyn Dec 2018
i feel like theres
a thousand
rubber bands,
compressing my soul and
at any moment and
any wrong movement
i might bust open,
letting my tears ooze out and
my thoughts burst
away from me in a
spectacular show of force from the rubbery stress that has surrounded me.

— The End —