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I am the statue you pass by
You take no note of me
My stone face now worn
Disfigured by time
I am the left behind

Here lies my broken heart
Torn by trauma unknown

You are expected to move
Even stuck in constant pain
Until you become stone
I swallow a bit harder
To get rid of the lump in my throat
My lungs sting abit, trying to breathe
No you don't know what you did
How can I say?

I think I'm just to sensitive.
I think I'm just to caught up.

I'm paralyzed.

I don't want to speak or move.
I'm scared if I do that it will only be worse.
Wendy Star Feb 12
The past impacts
our future
our future
will be our past.
Wendy Star Feb 5
The sea wets my feet as I say goodbye
With you I felt like I finally had a home
You kiss my tears away telling me to go
"It's okay, don't cry"

Oh, they ask who I am
I'm a lonely lost love-sick sailor

The sea and time heals
as I search for a home
I found I like to roam
just like the seals

Oh, they ask who I am
I'm a lonely lost love-sick sailor

I throw off my clothes
and jump into the ocean
My mind is free and it shows
I'm in control of my emotions

Oh, they ask who I am
I'm free from the overthinking and regrets

I don't know where I'm going,
but it's somewhere out there

My home is knowing wherever I land,
it's what I make it
Wendy Star Jan 20
It's a sickly bitter sweet high
My brain gets foggy
I swear it's better than a molly
I hate saying goodbye
So **** me one more time,
from behind doggy

You know next time you see me
I got high again on the pain

I'm addicted to the feeling
Still love watching it flow
I'm so sorry baby, oh
You watch all of it healing
And I watch it all bleeding
Baby, you know; you know

It's my addiction
It leaves a bad aftertaste
But you know it and so do I
I got high on the pain again

So you kiss me breathless
You don't judge just love
Love me again; kiss away the pain
Tonight I fall asleep in your arms

Baby you are it, my sickly sweet addiction
Wendy Star Jan 15
It hurts.

It really hurts.
Losing you was my nightmare.

I choose to give you up.
By my side you stay anyways.

I love you.
I'm sorry I choose the knife.

It will get better.
My wounds will heal.

It still hurts.
Wendy Star Jan 11
Comparing is poison
It’s killing you and me
The lies of perfection
We ain’t going to believe  

They say beauty is the key
“All the fame, don’t you want to receive?”
It only costs my subjection
It only costs my connection
It only costs my affection

Good grades will only get you so far
“You need a fancy car”
They say, They say
Now I’m saying beauty is the key

What happened to me?
What happened to not falling into the lies
I wasn’t supposed to agree
Now my happiness dies

Beauty and perfection
Striving to always be better is an infection
Worthless is what I see in my reflection
I want to love my imperfection
Imperfections are perfection
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