Wejdan May 21

Sweet chubby cheeks
Small flower blossoming around
sending the love and the spring's spirit around, you smell like sun-flower
surrounded by rabbits running in their field, happily eating their carrots, and fishes swim deep in the oceans, happily swimming and greeting, kissing the pure soul of yours, I hope I get to see you again carrying you and biting those cheeks.

Zainah is my friend's niece and she is so annoying but you love her.
also! I am back on the site after a very long while.
Wejdan Apr 4

I blame you for your absence, and all of this is your mistake, we had years of love and these years has passed by lies, betrayal, stupidity and mirage.
Alone I walked in this path, I thought I could face the world, I thought I could inhale and exhale the whole world.
You are a deep wound, nothing as dark as you in my mind, you sold out years, our golden years.

To be continued, Raneem.
Wejdan Mar 29

it's okay don't be sad
I wish I stood up for you
I will cut myself
I am a bad child
you don't need him
you are not a loser nor failure
please speak up instead of crying
you are beautiful and smart
love yourself you are worth it
I can't help it but be sad

Wejdan Mar 24

What a bundle of blueness
in the bedding time
My thoughts are rushing insane.

Thank you very much Jim Musics for the help :')
Wejdan Mar 17

And what are you supposed to be?
you look like a piece of gold in your suite, every woman is looking for you.
call me a gold-digger, it was you who I am looking for.
I am dead fighting to be alive again.
What are you doing tonight?
You look like you heal a sorrow.

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