Vèj 6d

It's blur,
i can barely see, their faces, the light
her voice is disappearing slowly,
now my eyes are closed, only facing myself, which made me feel lonely,
i felt like puking the whole world, but this is how the whole world made me, if i did puke, i wont be who i am today, i saw myself walking, thinking about how painful death is.
"Wejdan, Can you hear us?" nurses said.
I woke up to my mom's voice, instead.

This is what happened to me when i passed out.
Vèj Jul 12

Woeful how i lost you, wistful your death how things came suddenly.
You have grown inside your grave, and i wish i was there to celebrate with your skeleton.
My gift is my soul, is for you, and all for you, and i am for you.

Vèj Jun 29

Wish i could eat the moon and puke the stars.
wish i could cut off the trees and cry the flowers.
i have been misunderstood for things i didnt mean.
Now i am in the grass, green-ing, and blackening my spot.
i suppose thats who i am in every heart.

Vèj Jun 5

Bomb of memories, in a tomb in my head
Pain and sorrow
I am aging as you stay young in my head
Keep me away from remembering
You will be missed more than you could imagine
But sooner you will be forgotten
Everything i had for you is cancelled
including your love.

Vèj May 29

I choose to die than living, if you were the soul in me.
Forgotten days you are now, I chose to suffer alone.
Lord knows how much i wanted to kiss those lips, you fired up the soul in me.
how come you left me?
What a fucking hidden lie you are.
crazy love is hard,
But love was easier with you.

I promised you to be continued poem.
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