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weirdodarling Jul 25
On a cliff
One of us wishes to fall
To quiet down
These grieving bones
These restless hearts

Oh the heaviness
Of being a stone
In a sea of pulsating flesh

“If there is no enemy within,
the enemy outside can do us no harm”

I wonder
Will we become what we
Have always dreamed
of being:
At peace
With ourselves
weirdodarling Feb 16
we are clouds
brimmed with tiny droplets
through collisions and coalescence
we grow so big
our air resistance cannot longer counter gravity
hang on there
weirdodarling Feb 2018
On how the sun feels warmer
When you've spent years being cold

This weightlessness
What a peculiar taste
weirdodarling Feb 2018
Tilted hips
Hungry lips
Deep breaths
Papery gasps

One finger
A whimper of pleasure
Pleading for a requitement
weirdodarling Feb 2018
As the sun cries itself to sleep
His room is flooded
With warm, gentle, orange glow

The sun
Like her coffee-flavored kisses
Refuses to be forgotten

Slip quietly and sadly beyond view

A revelation
That end holds beauty too
weirdodarling Feb 2018
Pull too hard
The fish will slip off the hook
Let it out too far
The line will snag
The fish will swim away

Here is an adopted method
A longer leash
Around your infinite space
A defined cage
In which you can play

— The End —