1d Lexie
I think most of the time
I feel so very inconsequential
I am tiny
in stature and weight
and to me
my impact is tiny as well

I think the help I can give
the strength I can offer
is small and
not very great
the same as my body

But the words you write for me
in those words
in your eyes
in your heart
I am overflowing with enough

I am great and big
in love and impact
And I am not so tiny
in importance
to you

Somehow you make me feel
so very big and important
even in the life
of the person who means
so much to me
my lovely Lexie,
whose heart and smile is big
and deep
and always impactful

You make me feel important
and enough

And those are the biggest things
for tiny me
You’re the only one who can write my insecurities into strengths and truth.
Lexie 2d
You made me think it was okay to keep going
Even if it didn't get  better
Even if I didn't do better
That somehow my something was enough
It was because you gave your all
Even though you thought it was so little
That I wanted to give everything
So that we could give so much together
Like oxen pulling at a yoke

And maybe that is not much to you
Or even to anyone else
But it was hope to me
And it has changed everything

In a way
You taught me how to love
To be kind
Because you showed me kindness
When I found myself less than deserving
God bless you for such my friend
Lexie 2d
I hate the way you know me
Because a child dancing in the street cares more about my heart that you would ever dare
  2d Lexie
I could write poems until I pass out
but do I pass through anyone’s mind?
I wonder if anyone thinks of me late at night
  2d Lexie
Despite everything
you told me life was
truly beautiful
and the conviction you said it with
gave me such security
that everything is worth it
I couldn’t help but
sigh in relief
and smile
albeit a bit tearfully
For Lexie, who never gives up
  2d Lexie
Some people’s feelings
are like your breath in cold air
They hold it in their mouth
just to taste it and warm it up
and then exhale it in a puff
up into the night sky
just to see how it shows up
and vanishes
My feelings last much longer
Lexie 3d
The world would be a different place if we let boys cry.
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