Lexie 1d
my soul was lost in translation
Lexie 3d
Maybe I'm not a good friend
And my arms are not open enough
Yet this heart still cares
Even if my lips do little of its bidding
I hope you can find rest in yourself
When you cannot find comfort in me
For you are still enough, alone
Be it I am able or not to remind
  3d Lexie
I repotted my African violet today.
Her name is (hope)
It’s funny because she’s blooming while her
leaves are turning yellow and dying
I think I’ve felt that way a lot.
I think I’ve felt hope is like that a lot too.
Part of a much longer poem I tried to post days ago. I finally figured out that the hangul was causing the errors
  3d Lexie
It’s not that signs weren’t there
i knew i’d been spending a lot
sleeping a lot or not at all
tired a lot
heavy chested a lot
a lot a lot a lot of
sadness and
heaviness and
lack of those happy things
i so desperately try to
It’s not that all of those things
haven’t been there it’s just i
really wanted to blame them on
the heat and being tired and anxiety and
anything other than depression.

i don’t want to spend another summer depressed.
i don’t want to feel this way.
i don’t want to be crying at 7pm.
i don’t want to admit it’s back.

please just let me be tired
just let me be anxious
just let me be unmotivated
just let me be adjusting
just let me be anything
but depressed again

please let me have those good happy weeks of summer
let me be light and bubbly

i want to match the weather
not my heart

you’re young
                            be happy
you’re out of school
                                      be happy
you’re blessed with so much
                                                    be happy
it’s warm
                  be happy
it’s summer
                      be happy
be happy
be happy
                 be happy.
I should have known when I almost cried because I had to wait an extra day to chop my hair off
Lexie 4d
I give so much of myself to a world that asks for so little of me
Lexie 7d
I tell myself I am to late
Though I cannot cling to resolution
For' nor 'aft I have no direction

Still the waves may take me
Wish and whim alike
I am but a vessel
And a shallow one at that
Lexie 7d
I tell myself I am
Such things are so
And others naught
We dream up dreams
Dream up lies
Such and so, are we caught
Fiendish thoughts
To guide friendly hands
Intentions lacking intuition
Thoughts that scream
Out of finger and hand
Pushed into remission
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