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Wedge Oct 2017
Azure says he's found the one
His heart skips beats and his face like the sun
As he describes, to me, an angel he's met
But he's not sure of her future quite yet
"Her eyes glow deeply like long umber nights
Her voice like doves ready to take flight"
He swears it'd be perfect, be it not for one thing
The old friend, distance, and the trouble it brings

Azure says that he's losing the one
Now he torments himself, thinking it's something he's done
He's turned away, but returns because he's intertwined
But I fear the eyes of angels are equally blind
For angels fall victim to devilish traps
Their hearts inflated before they collapse
He says "Nobody could ever love her like I would."
But I don't believe she quite understood
"What I'd give to keep her under my wing."
But I don't think she dreams the same thing
My poor friend, Azure, you lack what they want
No physical appeal or finances to flaunt
You just can pour your soul onto paper 'til the pages glisten
But metered rhymes are pantomimes for ears that won't listen

Azure says that he's lost the one
I can only watch as his world comes undone
I saw him weep when his canine friend passed to home
For that brief moment, under the stars, he was truly alone
His mind has grown heavy while he waits for just her word
Some days it never came; his calls were unheard
Yet he trudges forward for all of us to see
Because "she's got the fire in her and is perfect for me"

Twin flames are peculiar in that they always burn bright
But their shadows won't dance together 'til the time is right
I hope my dear friend, Azure heeds the words being spoken
'Cause no medicine cures the pain from a heart too far broken
Angels praise, you're free all days, but no matter how free you are
Let love come to you, like Azure wants to, sometimes you needn't look far
None needed
Wedge Oct 2017
Rewind the time to the cold New Year
Where the only sounds that I would hear
Were the melodies resonating through the air where they hung
And pops rambling stories at the top of his lungs
Engrossed all hours by the studious stare
Cured by EtOH and the LCD glare

But something awakened in me when you came into frame
A lightning strike resetting life was nature's own game
Now I dream deeply at night because my mind is at ease
No more minuscule ruts that I've failed to appease
But every so often the wakeful state returns
And in flows every thought - 'til my tired brain churns
I feel every fiber and my soul goes heavy
The thoughts, still flooding, have broken the levee

I've never learned, never earned, never yearned for such affection
But the storm winds howled and pushed this direction
Every thunderous thud echoing from my chest
When I plan what to say, but don't know the rest
When I look at your face and see the life in your eyes
Nothing else could leave me so revitalized
The storm has passed, but an angel descended
So begins a new story that has not quite yet ended
Wedge Jul 2016
In the calming hours of the early morning

Nothing brighter than the dim glow

We rest in our place above the clouds

Waving to the life below

All breathing yet resting, so gently they lay

Specs of existence out of reach glistening in the bay

Your word, it soothes me, completes me

Drifting off on my own stratus pillar with air beneath me

If life had a meaning, I feel that we’d all know

But what if there’s no tunnel with light there to follow?

Soon the daylight comes where my decisions are addressed

But late at night my mind comes alive while my eyes and body rest

The lightning disperses like the veins of the sky have become aroused

Does the world have a pulse like you and I? Or is there friction in the clouds

Keep me dreaming, keep me believing, keep the negative away

And we’ll drift like this along the sky until the beginning of another day
Wedge Jun 2016
She sings along to the sounds of the world

The call of Fall when cascading leaves twirl

A tune so grand that even I, the nimble

Collapse to the beauty that makes my soul tremble

Whistling wind penetrating where no light has shone

Raging water embarks to leave the marks of melodies in stone

She founded the foundation without plan or overseer

Then pulled parts from the aether and built upon until even the heavens could hear

And when she leaves this world, I know the sound will remain

For even the hourglass of time cannot pass this single grain

From one humble human to another, I thank you for infinite days

For the melody that made the world and life that’s here to stay
(Sep-Oct 2015) I was at the university after a seminar. While walking across the quad towards the parking lot, I passed a couple sitting under a tree. They both had guitars and were playing together. For some reason, that sight hit the right spot and the words materialized in front of me. By the time I got to the car, I had a rendition of this poem. I wrote down everything right there in the parking lot before I left. It has since been slightly edited, but mostly is still comprised of the original idea.
Wedge Apr 2016
We’re finally on a beautiful day, but I think you’re in denial
That I traveled further in my sleep than you in waking miles
The heat on my skin gives me real eyes – I realize even more
My every sensation is proclamation of what my mind longs for

We often think our days are spent living well above the stem
Yet the instincts guide us, all else beside us, when we remember them
The ones who showed us parts of life we’ve never seen before
Adrenaline surges with subconscious urges to open up new doors

The paradox is that we never question it, yet claim we’re in control
Yet I often feel too far gone to deal with playing another main role
Don’t hold me to it, because I can’t prove it, but you’ll eventually see
That I control the universe just as much as it controls me

If my path leads astray at the end of the day, I still keep peace of mind
Because way out there is a universe where they’re exactly what I’ll find
‘Til then, I’ll not question and accept the world as it comes
An infinite life makes a single existence, and it all reverts to one
Needs a name
Wedge Jul 2015
Ariose, the voice called from a great beyond
A reality divine, yet clandestine to simple senses
She said, "I'm yours to find, though you must look"
With every passing moment, every rolling minute
All these sweet entities become memories
Of a time once nearly forgotten
A time where the clouds went to war
Those great cumulus columns
Cascading and crashing in a conveying clutter
In the end there remained only us
For we could withstand anything, she said
Our love reaching above the highest trees of our forest
And through that canopy where little light penetrated
The nights where we spent overlooking the trees
Lit only by the fire of our burning desire
To remain as one in a world so divided
We promised to stay inseperable
'Til the tides rolled away - and stayed
'Til the winds no longer could carry the weight of your melody
'Til the light of life itself no longer luminesced
And all our memories ceased to be
I've long sense forgotten the taste of air
Or the sight of music - the sound of color
But her ipseity will forever be imprinted in my mind's eye
And while I've broken my vow, I will mend the remnants
I'll return to what was our existence
Meet me there, my revered, my treasured, my shining light
For soon, we are undivided once more
Wedge Nov 2014
Meet me under the stars
Where the cul-de-sac circles at the end of the road
Just under that street lamp that no longer works
Together we'll run away for a night just between us

The white-capped waves reaching out towards us
Before dragging bits of sand back to the horizon
We'll wander along the edge bonding the whole way

The lights from the town will be at our backs
While the constant crashing waters will give us rhythm
Until the dawn comes and we return to our abodes

It'll be the best night that never happened.
Ever had a fictional moment?
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