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LC Jul 15
He broke me
took my mind
and twisted it
till my thoughts became lost
and I didn't recognize my own soul
now he won't leave
or let me go back
I want to be me again
to look in a mirror
and know who I see
to feel joy
to be suffocated by laughter
and feel pure emotion that isn't pain
to live a life, not play a game
LC Jul 15
Life is complicated
You hear that again and again
Because life complicates you
The person you were changes
Into someone you use to be
And the decisions you make
Put you in dark places
That you try to pull yourself out of
Telling yourself that you have to change
But you can’t
Because change scares you
As you constantly lose
Your friends, family, love
And you don't know how to overcome it
It's like walking through a house that’s on fire
You can't see where you're going
You don't know where you are
You can barely breath
But you keep moving forward
Hoping you find your way out
Of the burning house
LC Apr 10
She said you are like the leaves
Beautiful when you cling, hung to the branches
But elegant even when you fall
LC Apr 10
I am rays of sun and shine
But Inside I am a cave
disguising on the outside
By hiding the darkness I became
LC Apr 10
His eyes are like looking into the ocean
He holds so much beauty and life
Only it lies beneath the surface
In rough waters
and I cannot swim
LC Mar 16
She told me not to worry
as my mind expanded
the restless thoughts pushing out
through the cracks
that the mouths of the oppressors made
these cracks formed a pattern
perfectly correlated pain
like the tears rolling down my cheeks
now they stain
LC Mar 16
Give me one reason
To love
To feel
When there are a million ways
To break
and fall
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