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Happy to see that you are ok.
Happy to see that you are feeling much better.

In the middle of the night,
I do wishing that you could see me.
Right behind you.

Gonna catch you no matter how many times you might fall.

Thought that i saved you.
Thought that i healed you.
Guess i wasn't.

I can see it.
The hole.
It's still bleeding, right?
no matter how many time you are trying to hide them i'll always find it, babe. :)
It's all getting so mess. everything.
I hate the fact that my sun is hiding behind the dark clouds.
My dearest beautiful sun.

Imma punch all of the sinner.
They were so mean.
There are so many trash within their mouth.
They mocked my sun thus making my sun keep on thinking that it's shine not good enough.

I wish that they could see this.
I wish that they could feeling the sadness tho.
speak up. no matter how burdened your mind is. speak up ;)
walking around the p√Ętiserrie line
hoping i might find your smile
i miss you a lil bit more
she rolled her eyes as fast as the raindrops fall
she is just realize that the skies become darker than before
it's about to rain.

no,it's not. her footstep.
she is enjoying her self being wet under the rain instead of run away back to home.

she knew that the world might be so unfair somehow
she knew that between the world and her mind were such an unfinished business.

she doesn't mind to be friend with the thunder, the cold, and even the dark sky

no, she is not afraid of getting cold.
but, surely she is afraid that she might never have an enough time to playing around with the rain.

tell them everything about what she has been through that day
all the good also bad
all of the strong joke yet the lame ones.

she does love the rain, that much.
sadly, the rain doesn't realize.
the sun, it's still the same.
so does the star.

but hey, something goes wrong with the moon.
now everything seems so strange.
the moon said that she doesn't belong here.
the moon said her body feel so tired.

it is just like..
you're about to reach another level but then you find there is no desire within you.
her heart is.
not by the blood, but by her tears.
1st question : what if they found out?
i do
i always do
treat this wound

it's getting better day by day
no more pain
no more pus

the night come
i can feel the cold air within my bone
collect all of my guts into a cone
remember when i said i can pull this stone
nothings better than a drone

imma try to chase another path
the clock suddenly stop tapping
the old side healed
meanwhile the others are start to bleeding.
hello, can't you see me?
no, it isn't done yet.
i know the road may look too short, but actually it isn't.

you have to be ready for any obstacle that may come after you.
you have to be ready for every storm that may appailing your track.

don't let them fooling you, sweetheart.
you're way too precious to be fooled for.

head up.
make sure you bring your weapon within your dress.

but still,
a princess need to be well-behaved right?

no, it's not done yet.
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