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Rachel Ace
26/F/Valencia/Spain    My biography is like poetry.
If I haven't posted in a while don't think of me as gone. I remain here waiting for my inspiration to hit me in the ...
"a single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."
jane taylor
utah    I realized I am You When The fabric Of my soul Unraveled ©2016 Jane Taylor ❤︎janey's poetry copyright © janetaylor all rights reserved❤︎
traces of being
I really have no name    "Through a foggy window in the rain ― When you thought no one was watching ― Going through your memories like so many prisons to ...
Anonymous Freak
22/F/USA    “When a flower grows wild It can always survive, Wild flowers don’t care where they grow.” -Dolly Parton ...Poetfreak is my original home. For more ...
Tia White
Our relationship with the rain is a test.
Louisiana    A poet and his dog
21/M/MNL    Every time I write I am creating my own world

— The End —