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kaitlyn spence Oct 2019
vibrancy emits amongst the echoes of the night
as slumber casts itself on most these hours, absent light
while some lack productivity, with efforts turned to ruin
my product of activities proves grand by starry lumen
ideas are born, regrets are mourned, and midnight snacks consumed
to moonlit ante meridiem: my fondness, ever true.
kaitlyn spence Dec 2017
Push me away. That's what I need.

I'm fighting despair.
Is that something you see?

I wage war with myself;
scars here to stay

I suffer a loss with either choice made.

These words are becoming
my only release.
I ramble and rhyme to make agony cease

...a welcome distraction, ironically focused
On all of this pain that I want you to notice

But that's no solution. There isn't one.
I'm stuck in this nightmare.
Hope you're having fun
kaitlyn spence Dec 2017
I'm wasting.
Wasting away.
Wasting my time.
Wasting my days.
My thoughts.
My hours.
My love.
On someone who doesn't care.
Does NOT deserve...
who needs to learn.
Learn life.
Live carefully.
With death to their sin.
Let me forgive them.
Let them begin again.
So they won't be wasted.
kaitlyn spence Dec 2017
this feeling; it belongs to me.
forever, I will be familiar.
lonliness wakes me at dawn.
thoughts of YOUR pain
pick MY brain.  
why'd you choose me to drive insane?
you could have hurt someone else.
anyone. else.
but that wouldn't be fair.
so I'll take your deceit,
your lies, and your cheats
and I'll know.
so the next time I choose to care,
I'll be cautious with whomever I share
MY heart.
kaitlyn spence Dec 2017
say the things that you don't mean
make me scream and wake me up
terrorize my dream of love
with lukewarm words, so out of touch;
"you're not enough" & "you're too much"
i'll cut the cord, you'll "seize the day"
but you'll look back and wish I stayed
i'll be your one that got away

— The End —