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when i crashed
into the forest floor
the canopy stretched high above me
i lit a match
i've been here before
but i can't tell reality from dream
some time has past
the earth grows quiet
i see your face ingrained in every tree
the ember burns
down to my callus
i want to watch it swallow you and me
why do i turn
my mind to fire
to mend my broken bones and restless brain
i want to burn
i want to blister
feel everything, and never feel again

instead i watch
the flame extinguish
surrender to the darkness with a prayer

instead i watch
the flame extinguish
the smell of sulfur permeates the air
wvllcvndy Nov 23
kept your hands under my back
i brought my legs up to the surface
you said to keep my breathing steady
i was already feeling nervous
i knew i could be fine
if i wanted, on my own
but i would drown for an excuse
to have you never let me go
wvllcvndy Nov 1
i fell in love with a river
that never stopped moving
whether closer of further away

i've spent months without even
so much as a sip
how i've longed sleepless nights, lonely days

but just as the water
seems out of my reach
she simply returns on a whim

i can't say i'm sorry
when telling the story
of loving her over again
wvllcvndy Mar 23
i remember how the dust moved
it never settles while i watch
like the kettle never boils
like the future is uncertain
the dust it still collects
on every surface we neglect and i
am wondering of us
if it's the same, if it is different

try to find a way outside
try to find "away from here",
try to find a way, to this day your name stil hurts my
tongue but i will say it
i carved your face into
the back of my eyes, now i can't find sleep

i'm so angry so often
how long am i allowed
to keep dwelling on the past before
i need to come around
i know
i need to come around
wvllcvndy Dec 2020
the eagle took up to the skies
and with a single motion
a man ablaze
a singing praise
it dove into the ocean

the salmon run was in full bloom
but spring was fraught with blight
beggars can't
be choosers so
they devoured all in sight

a crowd of kin consumed the bridge
where a boy did meet his maker
the current sped
and in it's stead
an empty handed undertaker

when i bite to break skin
i am hungry for more than flesh
wvllcvndy Nov 2020
the worst thing about falling out of a tree
has very little to do
with falling out of a tree
the problem lies within
the moment you stop falling

the worst thing about falling asleep
has very little to do
with falling asleep
the problem lies within
falling asleep on purpose

the worst thing about falling in love
has very little to do
with falling in love
wvllcvndy Nov 2020
i recall a tuesday morning
filled with stucko
twisted sheets
when you leaned to touch my cheek
you always wore your lip balm heavy

i rolled over to see the space between the drawn curtains
where the sun would say good morning
whether it was good or not

our fingers tied in loose

i remember the eiffel tower
the woman in white
or was she red? i can't be sure

how i paid such close attention
to the timing between our breath

i remember standing in front of the mirror entertained
by how we move
and with those same knots draped below your navel
an embrace that molded us as one creature

these stupid little moments
have a way of stacking up
and when i knock them to the floor
it's so easy to trip over the rubble

maybe i should have spent less time staring at the ceiling
maybe i should have listened to your heart rather than your lungs
maybe i should have tied my knots a little tighter
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