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Isna Maulidya Aug 2017
i don't know what
the future looks like
is it blue as the ocean
with treasures in it
or is it blue
as what i always feel
(it makes me afraid sometimes)
Isna Maulidya Dec 2017
I want to age
I will not type
'how to look youthful' on google
or buy anti-aging cream to cover my wrinkle

I will wake up everyday
looking at the mirror,
touching my wrinkle,
thanking my future self;
'you have been through a long journey,
thank you for choosing to survive
and face the same hell everyday.'

I will show the world
how proud I am of my wrinkle
as it is my
monuments of survival.
Isna Maulidya Aug 2017
don't try to pull me i would jump back again.
no you can't save me.
Isna Maulidya Aug 2017
I visit this town every year.
Hoping to find something i can admire.
Nothing, nothing's really changed.

The talks
They keep asking me the same old questions
How old are you now? How's school going?

Oh dear,
let's talk about how our sisters suffer at the border.
Let's talk about the issue of segregated gender.
Let's talk about how our brothers live matter.

I'm craving for the talks about; how you and i will change the world?

— The End —