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Dec 2017 · 637
Red Rain
Waleed Khalidi Dec 2017
Worms behind my eyes
And vultures in the sky
Their shadow swarms to feast
A tear appears a cry
Beaks inside my head
The screeches through my veins
Noise swimming through my blood
My gut sickened by the shame
The flight of a thousand worries
Cloud the sky in a falling angst
The army of thoughts attack in my sleep
Moving them up in their ranks
Centuries long, a gruesome war
A spirt alive just to fight
But not seen a warrior, surviving in the dark
In a need of a different light
Victories forgotten, the walls lined with losses
Thou art thine own great vice
Maybe one day, these crimes will be pardoned
And red blood will rain through the night
Apr 2017 · 842
New Wilderness
Waleed Khalidi Apr 2017
If I were to soar through the cool sky
On a still, starry night
With clouds at my back
Only the heavens ahead
And the moon's kiss on my cheek
It would not be the flight so freeing
But the fall into a new land
A new wilderness to learn
A start not there
May 2016 · 754
Wars At Night
Waleed Khalidi May 2016
Let go of those old fears
That have somehow battled through the trenches of time
You've fought gruesome wars at night
For so many kaleidoscope years
Laying awake with the noise outside your pane
As the only tune to your madness
The civilian lives lost
The once-spirited homes burned to rubble
All to conquer the infantry of bombarding thoughts
That have emerged victorious for ages at the first light of the sun
A daring blow must be delivered to such malice
The respirating breath of triumph
Must grace the muggy walls of your lungs  
That sunrise must burn the awakening
Of all your ambitions and conquests
And you can rise from your slumber just nigh of death
As a warrior who will flatten what monstrous fights now may come
And when the moon shows his face
And the stars light his eternal shadow
You can step out into the wild
Adorned in the fruits of your courage
Let go of those old fears
That have somehow battled through the trenches of time
Feb 2016 · 480
Go Forth
Waleed Khalidi Feb 2016
A scribe would have to conjure his own language
To tell of such a vicious emptiness
Thoughts set ablaze and burning a path of destruction
Through the forest maze behind my eyes
The only touch is the air, so dry
A frame floating in a scenery with no story
So lost in the disjunct field of worries
Where the sun is a myth
And the moon shines as god
Lighting the night of the wandering souls
Roaming a familiar city where one is always lost
Any turn is a guess at your fate
But you continue
Breath in the sustenance you can extract
Exhale all the trouble and angst
Go forth
Never cower to the monsters
As all around you seems to crumble to the dirt
Can anything grow?
Feb 2016 · 624
Empty Black
Waleed Khalidi Feb 2016
A hollow monster
Swimming through every vein
Residing in all of my heart
Slowly flaming its destruction
Across my drying flesh
With every timely beat
Of my chest's sorrow tune

A disruptive demon
Always whispering in my ear
Bringing doubt to every occasion
And igniting the past's hold
Like a noose as a wick

A tiresome moon
As little a companion to the night
As the love that died in one month's time
A dim crescent
Hanging from the vast empty black
That hides all that is a hope too far

A horrific thought*
That walks through my door
Uninvited, as a regular guest
And takes his seat at the edge of my bed
He tells his tale of how all will fail
And my grave will be dug for one
Feb 2016 · 2.6k
The corners whisper
Waleed Khalidi Feb 2016
The corners whisper
A familiar tune
A nostalgic ill
A melodic gloom
A hopeless ode
A call to the moon
The corners whisper
They'll fall in soon
Dec 2014 · 16.9k
Like Forty Dying Stars
Waleed Khalidi Dec 2014
Did you see the bliss
Shoot across the night sky?
Here then there so quickly
Like a blink could project its moment
Yet when crumbling
Into the quake of memory
It is the window's remaining rain
Trickling down so slowly after the storm
Until all that is left is its drying trail
Clear to see the tired clouds sink behind
A heart so weathered
Never truly sleeps. Never rests
The hallow beats manifest
Into the crippling visions of the night
Blanketed by such distress
Until the rising light does nothing
But awaken the regrets that were left on the nightstand
Like a book with one chapter
No where left to turn
Do you see the ache
Shining dim in the night sky?
Like a footprint in the moon's dust
As alone as one could ever walk
Do you see the shame?
Like forty dying stars
Their fiery, blazing eyes
Watching every paranoid jitter
Dec 2014 · 615
The Triumph of the Dark
Waleed Khalidi Dec 2014
A vacancy has fallen
Upon the land of all want
So barren in hope
Stretching out a hand
To behold nothing but space
The destructive yearn
That pumps through this tired soul
Comes up empty with but an old photograph
Tainted and obscured by the burning light
Of imagination's failure
Where did it go?
The euphorically warm canopy
Of the ever-calming shade
The cool breeze of a lover's touch
To fade away all the sweating troubles
Now only heavy-eyed and slumping frame
With the weight of all that is missed
The triumph of the dark
Adding to its sadistic glory
Like lining its trophies
For the gradual taking of my soul
Which coming morning will it be?
When they have everything from me
That they could ever posses
And their victorious march
Will chant the word of my death
Waleed Khalidi Dec 2014
It always seems to end this way
Conversing with my thoughts
That echo inside my brittle skull
Beneath a once beautiful moon
Dragging on a cigarette
Like it my poisonous savior
With every exhale a lonely beat of the heart
The world still madly spins
But slower than this mess of a mind
And heart sinks like a pebble to a stream
Havoc is what they wreak:
Those voices in my ear
The past's cramping grip
keep my hands clenched to when we met
A chapter so bright
To a melancholy story
Demons took control of the scribe
To timidly scribble a tale
of a vanishing soul
My eyes are so heavy
My heart so fatigued
Yet I have not slept in years
This bed brings me such disgust
As its touch awakens all the regret and fear
That keep its daggers at my throat
What a waste of its inviting comfort
To lay only a pathetic, lonely delusion. Alone.
Let me sleep with the stone
That presents my chiseled name
To the hundreds who will pass
While giving no mind
Like my years in life
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
About A Girl
Waleed Khalidi Nov 2014
A deep companionship
Why has it come to seem as myth?
And why would the buzzing electricity of connected souls
Fall amidst our space?
Those eyes that showed me the universe
Yet while reflecting within my skin
So many days
Rarely breaking our compass
The daily greetings you gave
Returned life to my corpse
And at night we would wallow
In the pains of our thoughts
Until your so tired head
Found its rest on my chest
If ever you were gone
My thoughts were nothing but of you
Always upon your return
My day started new
But you've taken your leave
The flying moon found its bed
Every sun that comes up
Pales in the shine of it then
Sep 2014 · 1.3k
The Edge of the Mattress
Waleed Khalidi Sep 2014
The edge of the mattress
seats my brittle, crouched over body
Or maybe a corpse
rotted by the swirling troubles
that dizzy such a potential mind
into a useless blend of mess and worry
And the heart, left so empty
after the pathetically desperate offers it chanced for love
for a core to this depleting vessel
But now left more bare than the farthest of trenches
or the frigidly dry desert winds
More stale in my sleep than the powerless sands
whisked by its ruthless wrath
The slumbering visions
so personally horrifying
The void that infects my soul, so closely as exhausting
as when they end with my eyes' opening
Sep 2014 · 3.5k
Wandering Pawn
Waleed Khalidi Sep 2014
The frustration
Do these feelings only flow through ink?
Oh what a bursting soul
that devours its own love
inside such a collapsing frame
That desire for touch, the affection that transcends
the droning life of our spinning globe
So insatiable; so confused
Those lips were always a different being than the others
Your path to interject into my timidly drifting course
It burned the maps ever drawn up
The only route from here on was ultimately to the conjured fantasy
of a glorious victory for your love
How idiotic; why is it you?
I, such a wandering pawn in our time's game
to see a magical land in your eyes
Aug 2014 · 680
A new ending
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
The bitterly sweet seclusion
Sit the soul free of the jabbering drones
of those corners of such mess
The mind's noise may flow
outside the quiet enclosure of these walls
Rejuvenate the self
as no intruders may interrupt
The beating of the heart
conducts the ticking into the night
Yet, until the harmless flow drifts unwillingly off its course
into that realm of overwhelming angst
Suddenly the state of one witched the dark to light its path
of which aimlessly walked alone
But the heart bursts with the pressuring passion
to sync such a setting
with that of a curious walker-by
Gloomily no steps heard from the intimidating outside
All that echoes is the fading notes of yesterday's piano
Oh that reminiscent tune
The plucking harp of a shining, graced spirit
now an irrelevant concocted sound
falling so suddenly short of a masterpiece
That song that enslaves the head
as if calling for an encore, before the conductor even raises his baton  
So the art of the writer's hand is clenched still
by the frigid hold of the past
and guiding the pen's strokes through the only script it believes
The same story pathetically scribbled every night
in ridiculous hopes of a greater ending
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
The Wind Waved
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
If heaven were down the road
I'd be too lazy to walk
If hell were up the street
it wouldn't enter my thoughts
If bliss came to my door
I'd have no time to talk
If comfort called my name
I'd only feel stalked
If rest sung me a song
my ears would be blocked
If romance held my hand
my fingers would be chopped
If they told me love exists
my heart would still drop
If I had all the answers
I'd only scribble it with chalk
The wind waved goodbye
Aug 2014 · 945
The Beast of the Waters
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
The devastating sink
Always returning, like the moon orders the tide
Submerged to the neck
Swimming against the storm
hindered by the trouble that cannot be released to its grave
to call the deep sea forever home
Heart open
only to receive nothing but crashing swells
Invading the lungs, forgetting how the fresh breath once felt
Skin crumbling as the ocean erodes life
The glare of the empty ahead
beats the eyes to a dry, bloodshot wince
Desperate for ground to stand on
but the helpless float in years of time
leaves the feet sorrowfully accepting of the futile kicks to live
Like a nightmare, occasions bring rescues
through the path of the reaping current
But none casting a saving line
for a last grasp of hope to cling its blistered fingers to
as if the beast of the waters should be left to dangle
And when the ocean swallows the fire of the Sun
and the moon calls for all life to retreat
the sharks come out for blood
Aug 2014 · 397
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
If a congregation were to slowly grow
like a flock of birds coming to feed
And I stand amidst at the middle point
Everyone's ears waiting like children
As they're giving me the chance
to exhale the sickness that has dwelled in my lungs
To release a speech that deafens the demons
so that they'd no longer follow the sound of my steps
Giving me a chance to confess
all shame and regrets
Granted the moment to free my soul
from the prison of what's unspoken
And to free my head
from its delusional fiction
The time is drawing nigh
as the Sun has traveled the sky
Everyone has arrived in assuring attendance
Except my words
Aug 2014 · 471
Like the Moon
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
The simplest of my desires,
an ailment for these wounds;
They avoid me like the stars
were just fleeing from the moon.
Time has no mercy,
so precise in his plan,
because now was the then
when then slipped through a strand.
A novel of thoughts,
but no language for the pen.
Sinking skin and brittle bones,
when soul so lonesome spent.
The blood of every battle
spills the same as the last.
Buried with every loss
to relinquish the past.
Eaten by desire,
for a kiss on these wounds.
Hold me like the stars
stay aside the moon.
Aug 2014 · 365
Sonnet #4
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
A hellish nightmare, where the eyes not closed;
An encompassing forest with no path found.
Use your spilling blood to help you find home:
The box void of passion, where words have no sound.
The river is bitter, the rain has been shy.
Body's skin peeling, like the love from your soul
to the dirt that painfully resembles the sky;
So the sun is merely Hell's blistering coal.
The air chokes of failure, so heavy on the heart;
Hold a breath in and crawl to the cabin.
Like the festered foundation, your bones fall apart,
And the walls paint scenes of your demons in action.
A wandering soul, too close to himself;
So far from his words; He'll find them in hell.
Aug 2014 · 450
Sonnet #3 (Battle)
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
The constant processing of possibilities
Unleash gunfire across the mind's war front.
The hardened lives lost are buried deeply
In the dreams and terrors that keep us up.
Each night is a battle enticed by these walls
That are stained with the blood of all recollections.
The scars on your soul leave your heart enthralled,
Pleading for peace from despair's inception.
Letters written home get lost in the air,
And rain down in ashes; charred in the fight.
Frigidly cold: not the weather of there;
Here the sun sleeps when be not even night.
Shots heard afar, you lay your head on a stone:
The sky is made of glass and a star is your home.
Aug 2014 · 677
The hell has worth
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
I would let you go,
open the grasp that locked my steps,
but then your eyes
wouldn't make the moon look lonely.
Then your laugh wouldn't drown waterfalls
into the sea.
Your walk wouldn't be an angel marching
to light my shade.
Then your voice wouldn't orchestrate the flow
of the wind's love.
Then your smile wouldn't make the sun look weak.
I would let you go.
The hell has worth
when heart is all lost.
Aug 2014 · 596
I am but
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
I am but space,
taking up the like,
yearning for feel,
which not found in this place.
I am but flesh,
rotting with time,
cut by own thoughts,
a cluster of mess.
I am but bones,
collapsed into ruin,
a form no more known,
once firm now just stone.
I am but a soul,
in search like the rest,
for an opposite of void,
before the bell cracks its toll.
Aug 2014 · 487
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
Again, laid my head next to vacancy,
thinking, "If only this were rest."
Again, cuddling with emptiness,
drifting away to the funeral hymn lullaby.
Again, awakening against my will,
next to the shames I vomited in my sleep.
Again, every muscle rotting thin,
as the replenishing hope drips down to its infinite ounce.
Again, my eyes twitch by the Sun's grueling slap,
while every motion half-hearted like a beast.
Again, a chance murdered by logic,
I answer her call as I heard her voice of the past.
Again, my words hide,
my thoughts betray me.
Still, never freed by love,
no angel with eyes to blind every worry.
Again, the moon brings its cloak,
the crumbling of faith only hidden by the dark.
Again, laid my head next to vacancy,
utter a prayer before a dangerous thought creeps in.
Again, goodnight.
Apr 2014 · 39.9k
Waleed Khalidi Apr 2014
I know of a land
where none but I have been
Not a land between seas
but a land of within
The familiar becomes fear
A home becomes a stage
The room whispers empty
I yell back in rage
The walls have me captive
Outside is but lore
For the clouds upon the ceiling
send floods through my door
A plea sent through the waves
for mere grace to stay afloat
But the sound heard in the gap
are the thoughts inside my throat
Like running from a bee
when you become aim of its sting
The past will pierce you again
with the daggers that it brings
The moon sings the stars' ode
My soul beside me it lays
for no one else would
I bid goodnight from the grave
Mar 2014 · 936
Sonnet # 2
Waleed Khalidi Mar 2014
You can use my chest to hear the ocean.
Swim in my veins and I will sail your eyes.
The earth is our canvas as we remember our trees' growing;
Like leaves embraced by wind, we are whisked to the skies.
The joining of lips will stop Time's grip,
Because he decides: "I shall take them never;
Forever paired." Impossibly split, even if
Fates river were to drown our endeavors.
I would fight the harsh rapids, aided by my will
To have your soul again within my grasp.
Death before failure; I would cry a horrid shrill
If another won you with his beautiful mask.
All above is a fiction often recited
By my thoughts to my soul, so lonesomely reminded.

— The End —