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Aug 2020 · 120
wabisabichii Aug 2020
'meow' he said 
'and you understand me?' i replied 
he licked his paw and touched my hand 
his warmth i can't deny 

'you know how i feel, don't you?' 
he purred as if to agree 
he rubbed himself against my shin 
knowing i wanted to flee

'meow' again he said 
i laughed and pet his head 
he stayed by me and didn't leave 
a true friend til the end 

'im tired of this' i mumbled 
he looked a little sad 
and when i said i needed him 
he looked a bit more glad 

'let's leave this place' i told him
he stood and followed suit 
i jotted down a paper where
we'd have our escape route

a cat is not a friend 
but family so to say 
i held him tight as we ran through the night 
and that day, we went away
Aug 2020 · 268
a list
wabisabichii Aug 2020
i want a lot of things 
a whole list 
i keep with me 
all the time. 

people ask what i want,
people give what i want,
but then again 
i don't think it's what i really want. 

then i came to realize 
the list didn't have you in it.
Aug 2020 · 342
wabisabichii Aug 2020
your whisper in my ear 
your smile in my mind
your face oh so clear
sure is one of a kind

your heart slowly beating
as your chest rose and fell 
this moment quite fleeting
i know, i can tell 

as the sun hit your skin 
ever so softly you sigh 
a glimps of you and my heart spins
and for that i wonder why

beautiful you are
more than you think you'll ever be 
though you expose your scars 
you'll always be the same to me 

Aug 2020 · 288
the antagonist
wabisabichii Aug 2020
we often think that
our enemies are those who hate us
loath us
deceive us
cause us pain

but the real antagonists of our lives
are really just ourselves

even as for those
who foolishly say they love themselves
they just can't accept
the hatred deep within

we have unrevealed battles
with ourselves
other people aren't of much importance
embracing ourselves matters more

we're so enthralled with
the affairs of others
that we start defining ourselves
the way we perceive them

we try to free ourselves
from the ideas that we need to be
like them
and yet
our minds become our own prisons

we're our own enemies
we're our own foes
we're our own rivals
and we're also our only hope

the key to our minds are our hearts
and maybe one day
we wouldn't see ourselves
on the opposing side
29th january, year 2018
Aug 2020 · 300
wabisabichii Aug 2020
you appear in my dreams
and the moment i open my eyes
you're faceless in my mind

do i know you?
that depends
i always forget how the dream ends

you're not forgotten
but why can't i remember?
you're like a dying ember

spark your flame!
show me who you are
tell me of your scars

i still cant remember
my head is aching
my heart is breaking

all you'll be is
as time passes

i'll never know
who am i to interfere?
to me, you were a man who was once here

over and over again
til the next dream then
27th january, year 2018
Aug 2020 · 49
not love, apparently
wabisabichii Aug 2020
i remember being under the illusion that
i've fallen for you
and now that i've come to think of it...
why DID i fall for you anyway?

i came to realize that i never really fell for you
if i had, i'm sure i'd remember why

you were there during times i never thought you'd stay
and you remained through the days i felt like
i was slowly losing myself

so is that enough for me
to think i had loved you?
or were you just the reason i used
to keep living for myself?

the selfishness never fades
and even so
neither did you
but then again.. is that enough to say i loved you?
Aug 2020 · 293
Life Time
wabisabichii Aug 2020
sweet and mellow
she once was
no bitterness within her
at least that's what they thought

as young as the night
as free as she seemed
only one in her lifetime
she had lived what she dreamed

the sun was her scent
the stars were her eyes
the moon was her bloom
she was one of a kind

her touch so warm
it made their hearts melt
her words of white lies
made them feel what they never felt

sweet and mellow
as she always had been
was there loneliness within her?
she hid it well in her skin

and as young as the night
though as free as she seemed
only once in her lifetime
had she lived what she dreamed
Jul 2019 · 43
wabisabichii Jul 2019
You can't escape hurts
And hang ups
And pain

But what would life be
Without a little rain?

You can try to hide it
To suppress
And ignore

Yet deep down inside
It will always be sore

No you can't forget
Can't pin out
What is wrong

Whatever is stopping you
From moving on

But alas in the end
You'll look forward
You'll be fine

Without having to ever worry
Or to remember what had gone by.
Jun 2019 · 72
wabisabichii Jun 2019
Once upon a time,
You and I existed.
But in a blink of an eye,
It seems like we had missed it.

It was a fairytale,
One we both had longed for.
A kind of love that never failed,
One kind of love we both adored.

Pages went by
And the story went on.
We never stopped to wonder why,
"How is nothing going wrong?"

We had lived that vivid dream,
Full of wonders and of bliss.
Yet one thing for sure it seems,
Happy endings don't exist.

I hate to say we ended
In a way we can't forget.
And as chapters leave us wounded,
We should go on and never fret.
Jun 2019 · 493
wabisabichii Jun 2019
Believing isn't easy.
Believing isn't simple.
Believing isn't all that good.
But believing makes you happy.

Believing isn't always sure.
Believing isn't always secure.
Believing isn't always worth it.
But believing makes you happy.

Believing in the wrong people, hurt.
Believing in the right people, also hurt.
Believing in someone who didn't ask for it, also hurts.
But believing in yourself, will never hurt.

Believe in life.
Believe in what makes you happy.
Jun 2019 · 215
wabisabichii Jun 2019
In this life, we fall once.
And I'm glad to say I gave you my heart.
Yet what once held us together,
Now keeps us apart.

It was indeed my fault.
There is nothing we can do.
Yet you stayed and you fought,
And for that, I love you.

Then again there are wounds,
That will one day turn to scars.
And as for you, my love?
You're the most painful one so far.
Jun 2019 · 89
Losing Sparks
wabisabichii Jun 2019
Those deep brown eyes look like they hold all hope,
But the thing is they've lost their spark.
Behind that sweet smile are stories never told,
And no one knew she was lost in the dark.

Ebony hair, porcelain skin and she has quite the charm,
Yet it seems like something is missing.
And though she seems unhurt, untouched and unscarred,
Deep inside she knows she's suppressing.

But no matter what happens, to find herself is her goal,
Even if it meant that she'd lose what she had.
She'd look for herself in the great, deep unknown,
And on second thought, it's not that bad.

— The End —