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w4nie5tu Dec 2013
Golden ribbon lines the room,
Sweeping eyes, impending doom,
Plastic smiles light the way

Clinking glasses, set them down,
Making jokes, inducing frowns,
Everyone's an enemy

Awaiting that one special face,
I walk around in somewhat haste,
Glancing around secretively

I close my eyes and count, one two,
Not knowing you're across the room,
It feels as if I'm lost at sea

Three and four, opened the door,
Five and six, black shoes go click,
Voices around chat mindlessly

Seven, eight, surrounded space,
Nine and ten, my eyes open,
You're still hidden, and so I plea

Ever-changing eyes seek me out,
Learned my tells, know me throughout,
I wonder now where can you be?

Till I see your smiling face,
Walking slow, a tortured pace,
Finally, you're here with me

Dresses and suits rule the pack,
A sea of jewels laced through with black,
Let's glide about like royalty

Chatting, charming as we go,
Through these crowds, I hope you know,
I'm wearing this smile for only you

Secret looks and hidden smirks,
Make this night one of the first,
It's time to float comfortably

Home again, it's nice to say,
Tonight was a sweet escape,
Did I say you looked august?

Leaving now, those playful eyes,
One last smile, it will suffice,
I shake my head, you're enchanting

{ n.j }
i'm back. after my spm hiatus hehe :)
w4nie5tu Nov 2013
I don't think that you understand
that my mind
revolves around you
in the sense that you are the Sun,
and I am the Earth.

And if you are the Sun,
and I am the Earth,
that makes my thoughts the people.

The people are polluting
and weakening the Earth, darling
The Sun is slowly, but surely;
killing the Earth.

And, darling, sometimes I get scared that
the Earth is going to waste away,
and the light from the Sun,
will go out

{ n.j }
w4nie5tu Nov 2013
Write until it stops hurting.

my first try at 6W
w4nie5tu Sep 2013
An electric shock runs deep inside me,
as my eyes reflect into yours,
returning to me
the fiery desire you hold within.

I see you; in one glance I see all of you.
Piping chills, icicles forming, a sensation
you mean always to deliver to me,
portraying your beautiful spirit.

A portal of green, snaked with dark
forests, moving me to your heart.
A comfort that exempts me
of all strain.
Like bathing in sheets
of silk.

Truly soothing.

Your eyes.

w4nie5tu Sep 2013
Can I have you?
Can I have your morning eyes
and late night yawns?

Can I have your deep sighs
after a long day of work,
and joyous laughter
from watching your
favorite shows?

Can I have your frightening
holler when you’re angry,
and your low moans when
you feel pleasure?

Can I have the tears that
streak your face when
you’re down,
and the heart that beats
within you to keep you alive?

Can I have every part of you?

w4nie5tu Sep 2013
There were times I wondered
If you were seeing the same sunsets I was
And I wanted to just call and say
The sky is on fire
It's orange and red and pink
It's really something you should see
But I'm worried it didn't quite look the same
From where you stand
From where you were
So far away from me

w4nie5tu Sep 2013
We were bound to be together,
Both said it'd be forever,
Was it love or was it lust?
Could've been just full of doubts.

He had left, I was hanging,
As volcano's of emotions start erupting,
Things change when we wish for it not,
And so the ones we learn to live with,
We end to live without.

You took with you,
The me I used to be,
And left me crumbling,
Back into the,
Where there is no more me,
Or you,

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