httpvyncent Sep 26
I believe even the harshest soul can halt his pride the second he finds the lyric that moves him. If he has yet to find such a lyric, I send him a million wishes. Man can walk the earth bearing no harmful disdain from being misinderstood by himself. But to be misunderstood by music is a subdued peril, for the opposing sensation is one of such uncommon savor that a bitter mind may recognize sweetness through senses that didn’t before exist.
httpvyncent Sep 13
Being in love feels
like an illness.
I feel it invading my heart
and making itself at home
without invitation.
I’ve learned that love is
99% chest pains
and happiness costs
an arm and a leg.
No one should have
that much control
over me for
just existing.
It’s not worth it.
It’s not natural.
httpvyncent Sep 13
You know what it means to me when people are annoying?
It means they’re alive and kicking and trying...
To not be annoying is to either be dead or to have given up.
Everyone is annoying in their own way.
It’s a part of a person’s individuality.
It’s beautiful when you can pick out that one little thing about that person that annoys you to your core.
You know, if they were to pass or be harmed bad enough that they can no longer be themselves, you’re going to miss that annoying thing so bad.
People tend to not like change or decline, but constantly complain about the way things are.
Yes, they could be better but they can also be worse.
httpvyncent Sep 13
she writes her most meaningful poetry
as a result of how he hurt her
so deeply, and regretfully so
that these are the conditions
inspiration requires of her
she reads them back from the time
when she still loved him
with nothing short of embarrassment
mixed with vengeance, a sprinkle of reminiscence
a recipe for resistance

he doesn’t know about the talent
she dedicates to him
somewhere he’s finding another girl to betray
or mistaking indulgence for happiness
she wishes it for him if he can find it
but doesn’t regret if it’s a miss
he doesn’t know how lucky he is
she wonders how many girls
are dreaming of his kiss
do they also write about him like this?
httpvyncent Sep 4
“I have been a hundred times upon the point of killing myself,
but still I was fond of life. This ridiculous weakness is, perhaps, one of
the dangerous principles implanted in our nature. For what can be more
absurd than to persist in carrying a burden of which we wish to be
eased? to detest, and yet to strive to preserve our existence? In a word,
to caress the serpent that devours us, and hug him close to our bosoms
till he has gnawed into our hearts?”

- the old woman, Candide
httpvyncent Aug 3
you’re trash
just like every other human being on this planet and one day you’re going to die

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