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VV Thistle Dec 2019
daisywheel skeleton
mother discovery
gleam at the thought of me
curtain my brevity
sized-up and thundering
mending the memory bone
never really alone

glad as a butterfly
just above all of this
minding the memory fear
over my final high
over with confidence
sober and overgrown
never really alone

paired over being
enough to un-harden this
millions of memories thread
almost as if we are
first in this plane of things
ever to be outsung
carouseling as one
VV Thistle Sep 2019
god made your head balloon with recognition
pouring these shots of friday we've been sipping on
and i, a needy god of my respectful own
have yet to make an effort to improve upon
a clever poem
or an able song
a yes-please-thank-you point of view
with no-please-thank-you dolours
relating red to wounds and rowan trees
relating sapphire to the social structures
of the all-embracing web
and camouflaging with disruptive sets of colours

the weekend's not so far away, routinely
spidering past, each season at a matching pace
and i, a needy god in my imperfect place
have yet to make an effort to avoid distress
no rationale, just
in whichever case
all you will have to do is wish
yourself upon this mountain
relating pink to acts of human aid
relating green to all the times you, grinning
johnny-cashed your green in - then
married the gold, married the endless shouting
VV Thistle May 2019
so if i ever chance
upon a kind of home
a kind of home that's only spoken of
by someone with
no home to speak of

and if i'm ever able to
adopt a place of origin
a place of origin that's only so desired
by someone rooted deeply
in their given date
slash time
slash place
of origin

and if i ever forge
by force of noble chance
a humble claire de lune
a willing las meninas
or, guided right,
a broken hallelujah

then, baby lion,
i will buy myself
a very pompous wide-brimmed hat
so i could tip it
to your selfless yearning
for this selfish
VV Thistle Apr 2019
one day, one day, one day, armour
deadbeat brother’s gleaming armour
harmonizing with the armour
itching in embrace
gravity respects the armour
you’re a big boy now, my armour
deep below they hid my armour
all around the place.

one day, one day, one day, armour
underneath the living armour
golden all unclean, my armour
by the will of this
even this is god, my armour
realizing thicker armour
for what imitates my armour
substitutes for his.

one day, one day, one day, armour
piercing beams of being, armour
bollywood, besieged, my armour
nuclear in blue
razor field, eleven, armour
twelve, departing with the armour
clever, thirteen, dearest armour
multiplied by you.

one day, one day, one day, armour
not a situation, armour
ever universal, armour
only sharing flows
overthow the loving armour
love the overthrowing armour
lust for other greater armour
shall it overthrow.
VV Thistle Mar 2019
espresso brown
meltwater cold
his timber crib
amid the holt

wax paper white
sage honey warm
this brightly gleaming

still innocenceless
in a sense
the wiselad calls
his first demands

as champagne seeps
through closed up pores
"the pleasure - mine
the colour - yours."
VV Thistle Feb 2019
of all the names to keep in sight
yours are the sharpest
denoise and watch us reunite
the ones that are just
belittled, fleeing underbreath
the rathe arrivers
recount the signs that have been dealt
a lifetime prior

trialed with love on better times
fruitlessly frantic
for apter notes or fitter rhymes
some order, planted
uncoiling subjects from your hand
as if you're equal
in reach for the desicion-man
the drudging eagle.

keep dancing on your master's knees
no questions uttered
miss not to arm yourself with these
heels bent to cut her
denoise and ler her understand
this aimless evil
in reach for the desicion-man
the taunted eagle.
VV Thistle Dec 2018
in other news
go snack on this, you
edgeless pulp of adjectives
sweet turbid human brine
decrepit balances
and out-of-boredom lying:
we'll grant you not
even the hint of
any valid right
to make
no love
go easy on you
(as desired)
by design.
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