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5d · 630
Cosmic debris
Val Vik 5d
Heavy drops for days
immitating the sunrays
'the bonds of heaven'
Haiku # 9
I envision a meteor falling into the ocean, and the commotion bursts into rain (at least from where I am standing). Glimmering cobwebs. Chirping birds drying in my domain. What do you see from the ambiguity of a haiku?
5d · 202
Val Vik 5d
The way raindrops glide
.  with a faint clap of thunder
  .   into coalescence
.        .
.     .
    .    .
   .   .
Haiku # 8
Let us dance and merge into a whole - the reunion of souls
Feb 11 · 187
Val Vik Feb 11
Last night,
I dreamed of the red sun
whose rays have fallen
into the centerline
& swayed into a pollen tube
the birth of Hibiscus

Then, its stigma
swirled into a human heart
& its beat - echoed -
shined through the dark
into a vibrant atmosphere
I could finally see the horizon

it was the beginning...
written on Feb 11th, 2018
wanted to create a poem inspired by a dream
-the creation story
Jan 20 · 246
Universe Within
Val Vik Jan 20
Peace and Trust into the Process
Happiness in Love & Financial Abundance
New Friendships & Guidance
Well-Being for All

~ everything unfolds
2021 good wishes
Jan 13 · 148
Suppressing love
Val Vik Jan 13
So, let Love defeat suppression
***' we have the right to emotion
Thoughts that rhyme.. stop repressing ****, *******
Dec 2020 · 313
Sea change
Val Vik Dec 2020
to break the bounds of an oath
to fall into freedom
- into growth.
let the stream circulate
into ease of what life should be
embrace discomfort
welcome the unknown

I accept the process
my many connections with you
'no man steps in the same river twice' - Heraclitus
- let the fears and anxiety decrease for you are not afraid of going through hell to get to heaven
Dec 2020 · 187
cardiac quintessence
Val Vik Dec 2020
I live within the greatest depth
no soul has ever touched

I ascend into the surface
& flee back into my birthplace
- into your breath
- your pulsing embrace

& I will gently wait there
for the worlds to interlace
Dec 2020 · 528
~Panama Beach ~~
Val Vik Dec 2020
The Atlantic waves
~ pulled out the seashells
into the basin coast
& shaped them into roses
sugar-white sands and dancing *****
in the Gulf of Mexico
Sep 2020 · 50
Val Vik Sep 2020
"You wouldn't know. . .
because You know better"
Jul 2020 · 41
Val Vik Jul 2020
когда не важно -
посмотри на небо -
всё станет ясно.
Спасибо Виктор Цой!
Jul 2020 · 640
Cosmic Essence
Val Vik Jul 2020
within the sea of northern lights . . .
within the blazing stars . . . within your heart
there is a tide. . . of sweeping energy, it rises and falls,
ebbs and flows, comes and goes. . .
Hammock Travel : )
Feb 2019
Val Vik Jul 2020
"Мне б твои заботы -
Тебе только четать.

Вот эта забота!:
там птичка летит -
и её не споймать."
мой котик! <3
Val Vik Jun 2020
in both exciting and trying times
move like the moon, progress
to let go of the past
Take an example from the sky
Jun 2020 · 30
Balance of Life
Val Vik Jun 2020
One should not seek eternal bliss -
find contentment in your presence.

for an endless sun would run a drought
for an endless rain will cause a flood -

One should seek -
a 'peace of mind' instead.

Experience the balance of life!
against "Good Vibes Only"
Jun 2020 · 30
Val Vik Jun 2020
laying like a corpse
holding the phone. . .
instead of flowers.
For the funsies lol
Jun 2020 · 90
Star Makers
Val Vik Jun 2020
They say: "If it's truly written in the stars
then it's bound to happen"
If not, then I will write it down
~ crumple it, spark it and toss it back ~
for everyone to see
and wish upon the falling star

It shines the brightest
So, let go of resistance
live your life to the fullest
in your presence
& dreams will follow
dream thoughts
Jun 2020 · 98
Seasonal Glimmers
Val Vik Jun 2020
The way snow shines
beneath the sun,

fireflies ignite the forest
under the moonlight
its Christmas in the summer
May 2020 · 198
вопрос в жизни
Val Vik May 2020
смотрю в зеркaло хочу быть крaсивой
смотрю в холодильник хочу быть счастливой!
: )
May 2020 · 44
любовь тебе
Val Vik May 2020
Ты всегда приходиш ко мне
чтобы заполнить пустоту в уме...

Ты всегда приходиш ко мне
чтобы посмотреть на звёзды
и отпустить проблемы.
May 2020 · 267
Mama's lullaby
Val Vik May 2020
It was your heartbeat
The first sound I ever heard. . .

before I was born.
Haiku # 7
Apr 2020 · 326
Under the Primary Rainbow
Val Vik Apr 2020
Outdoor lights flicker
as thunder claps
far in distance -
Translucent rain -
merging into green
landscapes. . become rivers
Yellow Ochre atmosphere
into a phase of orange -
Lavender strokes
of lightning -
Shade of mud crimson
We all unite in awe
until it all darkens. . .
Tomorrow comes
My camera can't capture the light, will try to recapture in my mind
Apr 2020 · 63
Val Vik Apr 2020
Winters' night... Outside...
                cosmic eyes... melt a way...
       Let her fly... to die.

Let her fly...
Haiku #6 song
- those who cannot let go
Apr 2020 · 93
Playful Wind
Val Vik Apr 2020
Oh, how I wished for a friend...

the curtain brushed my cheek
by the gentle wind.

I whispered to my sorrow:
"...everything will be okay".

to my closest friend
Mar 2020 · 42
Practicing Japanese
Val Vik Mar 2020
Me: Aaron-kun! <3
Aaron: Did you just called me a ****? -.-

x' D
September, 2019
Mar 2020 · 87
Val Vik Mar 2020
When fear and low self-esteem
turns the most sublime emotion
Jan 2020 · 236
In the Dark of Your Mind
Val Vik Jan 2020
How ignorant I felt -
Suffocated to fill your cup -
How I tried to get inside your head -

Until I finally realized. . .
You're the one who can't understand
for which I am simply lesser.
Therapeutic write
Jun 2019 · 441
Roommates <3
Val Vik Jun 2019
Moved in with my gay friend

       and magically, he turned Bi

        ~ all the sudden... into a straight guy!
U+1F525 my conversation rhymed today lol
Mar 2019 · 2.1k
Val Vik Mar 2019
I deeply care for you, even
with the scarring pain...

with your hypocrisy,
unnecessary outbursts,
sullen moods...

Please forgive me for my anger
I still love you most
midnight whispers, tears, and soul consciousness

*Anger don't mix well with love, either you forgive or forgive and let them go. Some people need to accept an apology they will never get, or it will slowly diminish the light inside them. You don't have to say anything.
Feb 2019 · 241
Child's Meditation
Val Vik Feb 2019
warmth of the morning sun on my skin,
and the graceful stroke from the wind

. . . so peaceful
It was easier to meditate as a child
Dec 2018 · 181
Minimal + Art
Val Vik Dec 2018
I wasn't able to buy you the two main
presents that I wanted to...

So I filled my favorite box with love & kisses
& I wish you a Merry Christmas !

Our first Christmas together ❤
Dec 2018 · 388
Val Vik Dec 2018
1. A moment of realization + feeling of bliss
when everything falls into its place.
2. White snow is falling from heavens
3. cancelled classes <3
4. Happy birthday, Mom. Much health, much love,
and a long beautiful life.
5. I am not used to this kind of happiness...
as a being exposed under the sheets...
caressing our bodies against one other.
You are the person I truly admire.
6. Oh, praise for resting days!
7. I am content: fried rice and general chicken
in my sight... and now in my tummy
Yoga Challenge: pick one week of the month and write one thing that you are content with for seven days (especial made for holiday seasons). I mostly thought of moments...
Nov 2018 · 217
Val Vik Nov 2018
The beat of your heart
gently calms my anxious mind...

and the warmth we share
lays me into deepest slumber...
~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

Raw poetry
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
Ujjayi Breathing
Val Vik Nov 2018
When I close my eyes,
I'm in my own space.

My breath... is
of ocean weaves.

             & release

of all stress
                         to Peace.

Oct 2018 · 120
Val Vik Oct 2018
My voice: projection
"the Universal creation".
We are of one love.
Big Bang Theory.
Has anyone noticed that every creation story starts with the sound?
Oct 2018 · 303
Val Vik Oct 2018
~ One day will come
when I am part of the Universe. ~

~ My soul lingers to reincarnate
from the roots of the tree,
and the body wills to bring life to another.

~ to become part of breath ~
~ mind eternally at peace ~

I will become a flower.
I'll walk on the clouds
and my waters will fill the rain. ~

Hasn't it come true?
~Samsara no longer a punishment~

was written in 2013 (maybe even later) by mini me
as a Freestyle.
Oct 2018 · 907
Haiku #5
Val Vik Oct 2018
my happiest moment:
when I became a laughter
in your fruity lips<3
to make someone you love to laugh is the greatest feeling in the world. This moment I will cherish forever. So, let us have many more moments together!
Sep 2018 · 2.3k
Birthday Riddle!
Val Vik Sep 2018
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Something large - ~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~will take up space.~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Something for you - ~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~yet, not really.~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Something unneeded~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~at least not now.~~~~~~~~~~~~

Something from me -
with much much care
& loving.
For the funsies
he didn't like it tho it's ****** lol ahh
Jul 2018 · 1.3k
Sea Drum
Val Vik Jul 2018
heavy tears for days . . .
cleansing my inner spirits
. . . rain eternally . . .
I need no rainbows
Haiku #4
Jul 2018 · 274
To say I love you
Val Vik Jul 2018
I don't know if this is authentic...
but my soul... yearns to say it..

each risen and fallen sun.

In the end into the new beginning,
My body lies in savasana.
I've mastered a pose
at least in one phase of life
May 2018 · 310
Manipulating Stars
Val Vik May 2018
Fallen ~for the cosmic dreaming
& Risen for ~planetary alignment.
~ West ~ East ~ North ~ South ~
Intersecting Lines ~ & Swirls ~

around the heavenly body.

~ Stillness ~
Swirls in place. North ~ South ~
East ~ West ~ Oceanic waves ~
Flora ~ Root to rise ~ Anahata ~ energized!

~ Criss Cross ~
Butterfly ~ constellations ~ sway
Pose ~ to extend my soul & groovy Love
in honor of sound ~ Universe resides

~ Lounge ~ Namaste ~

'~ ~'  ~ ~  ~ ~  ~ ~ ' ~  ~ '  ~ ~  ~ ~
Hula Hoooping night!
May 2018 · 1.6k
Haiku #3
Val Vik May 2018
Divine elephas,

through the depth of your eyes,

~ I will never die ~
Haiku # 3 - September, 2015.
Respect for all animals and the order of nature by love and understanding <3 Personal Narrative
May 2018 · 293
I am the Audience
Val Vik May 2018
In the depths of darkness,
I see the glimmer of particles
dancing into incandescent vibrancy.

Into the depths of my eye sockets
lies the never-ending brushstrokes...
of an anonymous painting.

The darkness sings in cosmic hymns
emphasizing infiniteness
to a heartbeat... of a soundless sleep...

and all of the misty dreams
within the sunrise shadows...
Arise the beauty and my feeling...
Insomniac observations
Apr 2018 · 120
Ole Sweet Blues
Val Vik Apr 2018
Who feels the Blues around here?!
Ain't it all... just makes us human?
To love...
                to hate...
                                to feel the riffs of pain.

Too sad...
                the mean of pleasure...
All inside my head.

and the heartbeat I hold so dear...
Ole Sweet Blues makes me feel...

What is it? It keeps us going?
Together we unite...
and release the aching heart
Tribute. I Love you BB King and your beloved Lucille.
2017. April. Freestyle.
I've never talked to B.B. King, but he talked to me at the concert in St. Louis, MO. He asked if I am a dancer. With no responds.. too dazzled by his voice! He said: She is!. I've stayed up until many left. He asked if we ever met. He was truly a free spirit man.
Apr 2018 · 142
Val Vik Apr 2018
I am -
never the same.
So, is my love for you -
into something new.
In respond to: "No man ever steps in the same river twice." A famous saying by a Greek philosopher Heraclitus.
Apr 2018 · 131
Val Vik Apr 2018
I keep loosing people
that don't exist

until all disappear
Paradox Poetry #2
loss of humanity or change
Apr 2018 · 321
Be like a Frog...
Val Vik Apr 2018
I can feel my heart
rock my body back and forth...
In perfect stillness
*My second Haiku!!!
Teachings of Zen Buddhism
Frogs do not sit in the state of worry or process the day through the mind. Frogs are simply aware of the current moment and nothing more.
Mar 2018 · 64
I'm Free
Val Vik Mar 2018
Translated By Valeriya Vikhrova
Poetry By Valery Kipelov

Under me - silence.
Sky is filled with rain.
Rain passes through me,
but there is no more pain.
Under the cold whisper of stars,
we burned the last bridge,
and all collapsed into abyss.
I will become free again
From the evil and from the good,
my soul had lived on the edge of a blade.

I could've been with you,
I could've forgotten about everything,
I could've loved you,
but Its just a game.
In the noise of wind behind my back,
I will forget your voice,
and of the earthly love,
which burned us into dust,
and I was loosing my mind...
In my soul, there's no room left for you, not anymore!

I am free, like a bird in the sky,
I am free, I forgot, the means of fear,
I am free, on the par with the wild wind.
I am free, in reality, not in a dream!

Under me - silence,
Sky is filled with fire,
light passes through me,
and I am free once again.
I am free from love,
from birth and from rumors,
from predicted fate,
and from the earthly shackles,
from evil and from good,
In my soul, there's no room left for you, not anymore!

I am free, like a bird in the sky,
I am free, I forgot, the means of fear,
I am free, on the par with the wild wind.
I am free, in reality, not in a dream!

I'm free!...
I'm free!...
I'm free!...
песня о самой настоящей свободе. О свободе духа, свободного от цепей тела

It's hard to grasp the feeling from an original piece into a different language.
Mar 2018 · 1.1k
*I wish you*...
Val Vik Mar 2018
I wish you complete happiness...
the truest of love.
I wish you all the best of the world;

I wish you comfort in your days and nights.
I wish you peace of wisdom.
I wish you strength- in every hardship.
foremost friendship, warmest blanket, time.

I wish you the most heart-warming poem.
your every desire.
I wish you all the delicacies of nature...
to leap toward accomplishments.

I wish you the joyous health!
I wish you so, so much... I tear up...
I wish you from the essence of my heart.
You deserve all the best.

As I whisper to your sleep...
As I lay on your chest...
free flow...
at least of what I can remember
Feb 2018 · 245
Blissful Heaven
Val Vik Feb 2018
without its breath~
nothing would come to be...
the ocean gave birth to my most intimate tree...

~the river flows, absorbs through my skin...
'Without beginning, there is no ending.'

Without its branches, its essence...
we are but a dream...
Feb 2018 · 812
~ Universal Love~
Val Vik Feb 2018
Our planets~ like the droplets of rain
resting on the surface of the car's windshield.
The way tear drops~ imitating a falling star
vanishing in the blink of an eye.
The way suns are portrayed
by the wavering beam of the bulb...

Shine through the nightfall
tear into my waking hour!
Universal love- just is- soo comforting
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