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For all of my friends, my family, and loved,
I am sorry.
I am sorry for the lies,
For the betrayal and back-stabbing,
I am sorry for it all.
I am sorry I wasn't always there
To help you when you fall.
I am sorry for the hurtful jokes,
The prodding, and the pokes,
I am sorry for not caring
When you needed me the most.
I am sorry, so sorry, with all of my heart,
That instead of helping you,
I only fell apart.
I have never been so sorry
For the things that I have done
As I am at this moment,
Because I want to feel the sun.
Sadness and apologies
Can cloud a person's life.
They'll breech you and mistreat you,
Causing only strife.
I want to live within a world
That is free from torment and woes.
So, the only thing that I can do
Is take on these invisible foes.
To build a world where no one is sorry
Is to build a purely altruistic world.
So the best place for one to start
Is simply with themselves.
I want to help my fellow man,
But must first conquer myself.
So, I am sorry for ever apologizing.
I'll never hurt you again.
 Sep 2012 Victoria G
Alma Claire
I dream sometimes that nothing hurts
That all will heal when new tides turn
A sailor will come and wash away
All the fear and all the pain
He'll fly in on some new sea
That will whisk me up and set me free
And we'll sail away to God-knows-where
While we thrive in the ocean air
He'll have no map - we'll dock someplace new
And never stop to wonder where or who
We'll adventure north to touch the clouds
And see the lights when the moon goes out
We'll climb mountains, hills, and trees
We'll swim in all the seven seas
And we can go just anywhere,
Fear off my back, wind in my hair
I'll leave all my troubles locked up tight
Under my bed and out of sight
My sailor will take my cares away
He'll be sturdy, he will stay
He will follow, wherever I go
He will love me, and tell me so
And I'll love him with all my heart
So long as we're never apart.

— The End —