PuppeteerV Jan 5

I'm revealing a truth
I'm what you call a fake
I can deceive on a dime
Don't know how I got this way
I lie about gender
I lie about age
I lie to my friends
When I say I'm OK
My tongue is a snake
When my mind relapses
Since my body uses humans
To entertain and entraps
I don't know why I do
I do things and do not think
I didn't think it was in me
I guess my thoughts need to sink
But I'm tired of my ways
Of being the evil Queen
I've written a hundred poems
Yet my soul has remained sickly

PuppeteerV Jan 4

You ever sat on a couch or a chair
In a room you've been in before
Maybe even your very own house
Surrounded by laughter and music
While the aroma of joy and food fills the air
People talk, or you do some talking
And nothing is wrong in the world.

You ever been in this moment
But just want to disappear
Because you're suffocating in yourself
And why should you deserve fresh air to breathe
When plenty of Angels in this world
Deserve so much more than your demonic self?

So smile
And laugh
And eat
And dance
And talk
And put up with your happy life
Because you're a fücking monster for wanting more.

Self talk I sometimes get myself into. Im ok, just going through some life changes that's more heartbreaking than I originally thought it'd be
PuppeteerV Dec 2017

It's a tragedy

You gaze into green eyes
Upon curves and stretch marks,
Onto a battlefield of scars,

Weilding two calloused hands,
A pair of average ears
All topped off with a crooked smile

A person you've liked, loved
Stares back from the blunt glass mirror
That person, you, is me.  

It's a tragedy

  Dec 2017 PuppeteerV

Once I was a sad clown
I smiled sometimes
but you couldn’t see it
behind the painted frown
I could pluck small
colorful balls
from my pocket
and spin them in the air
Blue, red, yellow, green





They would twirl faster
until they merged
into an ugly brownish red stain
Then stop!
To fall, into a
puddle at my feet

Another time I was a ballerina
A little girls delight

Another time, a tin soldier
A little boys dream

But I can only be those things
While I sit, with my eyes closed
and my conscious dozes
and I can no longer hear
the screams

When my eyes are open
I am once again
just a Puppet
all arms and legs
and bobbing head
that dip and sway
and dance
to anothers tune
Even that
I could live with
if my demise
had not come so soon

In one moment of lucidity
borne of dreams
I could not escape
I ignored the Puppeteers growl
as I twisted and twirled
with my own moves
but then I slipped
my fatal mistake

You see,
I was not strong enough
To move my own arms and legs
with my worthless
puppet brain
To even think I could move
without anothers command
should have shown
how much my dreams
had made me

I tripped up so badly
there was no hope
of untangling
my Puppet strings
I was bound so tight
unable to move
I lamented what
my actions had cost me
and I knew the pain
it would bring

There was no other choice
but to cut me loose
and my master
did not even shed
a single tear

I’m still a puppet
just an unmoving one
sitting in the corner
no longer with strings
And no use to another

Nov 30, 2010

  Dec 2017 PuppeteerV
Revan Thrashin

It's become a part of me
Always near but never seen
Born from torment
Raised on agony

Devoured my innocence
Taken my soul
The demon now has control
A new misanthropic mindset

Countless days destruction reigned
Clashing thoughts and actions
Like swords on a battlefield

I've become a puppet
No longer able to act on my own
Pulling my strings I bend to its will
Dance to his tune

Aged and tattered
It has no use for me
I look around and see nothing
Only fading memories of happiness

The smile once upon my face
Washed away by tears of sorrow
A puppet today
A puppet tomorrow

My first poem written a year ago.
  Dec 2017 PuppeteerV

Perhaps this is what love is
A string of words
That have no meaning and no future
Just worthless fillers
Used to make me feel better

  Dec 2017 PuppeteerV
Nathan A Brock

She told you
Three words

Three words that came
From her soul
Said with honesty and purity
Her heart thumping wildly
And burning so bright
You could see the glow
In her eyes
And you reciprocated
Thinking of nothing more
Than how you love
To see her smile
And how you would hate
To make her cry
And as time went on
You found that the fire
In your own heart
Was dimmer than you thought

Small wonder
That she's broken now

Love has never been
A fools game
But fools have always
loved to play it

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