V Apr 10

This time has been nice
On this poetry thing
But something's not right.
Not quite, for me.
I'm leaving my country
The land of the the free
Too many things hunting
My small sanity.
Away my websites
And friends I had.
Goodbye your words,
That've made me glad.
I'm saying this now,
Its not you, but me.
You can't befriend a runner
Cuz that friendship too, will flee.

V Apr 2

I walk outside
pause- step
Oh geez,
Here come the bee's.
Sunlight streams
Blinding me
My head it screams.
Grab some shades
I'll wish and pray
For good old cloudy days.

  Apr 2 V

I've had a chat before
In a large, silver cell,
With two different men
Who both belonged to hell.
They'd forced a woman's body
To bend to their own will
They'd both done so with a grin,
And that gave me a chill.
I asked the two men, Why?
They both spoke easily.
The first said Lustful pleasure
The other said Love you see
I turned around and left the room,
His face I could no longer bear.
To think he'd rape in the name of love
Honestly gave me a scare.

I might be a guy, but that doesn't mean I'm not affected by the horrors of molestation and rape. I have a sister who I hope never goes through that. Don't joke about rape, ever. It's not funny. Whether your a guy or girl, it's not funny to mess with.
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