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 Oct 2014 Vince Smith
 Oct 2014 Vince Smith
oh yes
the late night swing.
29th street,
old money in my veins
drowning in the florida heat
and i keep thinking about Michigan rain.
so the dark creeps in again,

red lips and blood drips
i am far too reckless
in these muddy bones,
and no one asks questions.
drunk and always drunk
but where is the shame in that
when the world is on fire
just yet
and i am allergic
to most things
mostly love things,
mostly good things.
i am ******* in my own bad ideas
and it’s getting too late.
these years just groan by,
and i’m addicted to the unknowing,
i guess i'll just dissolve, goodbye.
 Oct 2014 Vince Smith
 Oct 2014 Vince Smith
Darkness holds me back as I creep through the day,
I've lost sight of not only the path in front of me,
but me as well,
living as if I was a ghost,
that no one cares to bother with,
but its in these times that I know better,
I know I have you, you make me strong,
and you make me carry on even when the days are long.

— The End —