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Vivienne Luong Jun 2015
Unfinished was tattooed on her skin.
And the way she carried herself you
could tell she's been through many battles
yet she carried a sweet gentle smile.

She caught me looking at the peace of art,
She smirked and said, " Demons are hard to break,
mentality though is much stronger. "
Vivienne Luong Jun 2015
Two years ago I wrote myself a letter.
Inside of it I told myself to not give up.
To not give up on writing, something I
believed I was good at, which is rare.
Within those years, I stopped believing.
I stopped being creative.
I made no more time for it.
That's when I realize that's how it is to grow up.
You just start to lose that spark, that passion.
But reading that letter made me reach for a pen and paper.
I really suggest anyone to do this. Writing a letter and trap it in a bottle for a year or more. It'll make you remember good things from the past and maybe some good habits you have lost.
Vivienne Luong Mar 2015
So I guess this year is really
just about letting go.
Friendships, they just eventually go.
It's sad, it is but if they can't last, they can't.
That's just how life is.
Fight temptation because it's a waste of energy.
Vivienne Luong Feb 2015
You kept saying you were sorry.
You kept saying you were sorry I felt the way I did.
You kept saying sorry for how things  turned out.
I just wanted you to stop.
to stop saying sorry.
You weren't sorry, I knew that.
I guess you didn't know me as much as I thought to know I could handle a solid truth.
An explanation.
I deserved that much. Just that much.
Vivienne Luong Feb 2015
I'm just really sad and overwhelmed
But I haven't had a chance to let out a
Good cry.
Vivienne Luong Dec 2014
One by one death is putting people to "peace"
and those close, in pain.
Although I'm usually not close to some one
who passes away, I'm always in disbelief and confused.
I fear that someone close will soon pass,
and I will lose control.
and there's a certain time in everyone's life where
they're expected to except death, but why should I?
death gives me nothing but thought that will never be solved.
Vivienne Luong Nov 2014
"I promise" is something
I never say because it is nothing
That I am sure of.
Circumstances change, things change,
Feelings change.
These things I have no control over,
so if you ever ask me to promise you something,
I'm sorry but I can't.
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