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 5d Vivian
he thinks that i destroyed him
but he threw the spear
he thinks that i scarred him
when i was near

now all my hate and all wonder
changed the girl i was summer

i loved every small thing
of cute imperfection
the spark of his lightning
beautiful juristiction

thinking of all the love lovers
changed the girl i was over summer

i felt love
i felt fright
friends gave love
the left in light
they are strong
to hold me tight
when its dark
their love  ignites

his hate for me hurts
but it doesn't matter
cause friends mend my heart
while he makes it shatter
time makes heartache a dull blur
but it still changed me over this summer
I stand and stare at the sky
As the clouds are passing by
A glimmer of light caught my eye
I knew it was you in the still of the night
 5d Vivian
im not interested.
sorry man.
 5d Vivian
im not your perfect ***** <3
 5d Vivian
it doesn’t feel right to be in this female body.

i want to be a boy now.

my new name is evan.

i could become an eboy

they seem nice

Every breath I take is action
Every step I take is action
Every thought generated is action
Existence in itself is action
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