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  Jun 13 Vivian
Why does the monster in the mirror cry?
I want to help her but I am too scared to try
Why do I see this?why do I feel this?
Tell me who hurt you,let me love you
Your eyes they shine back on mine
Hand on hand
Our words and minds align

There is a monster in my mirror
I want to help her,I want to save her
Every step towards the mirror
My blood,it spills thicker
Closer and closer
The light seems to get stronger

Mirror, mirror on the wall
These pages burning with the colours of my mind
See the fresh poison in my eyes
And pray that the fire has not yet died
It's been pretty dark lately, so I decided to be dark with it.
Another one of my nonsensical poems
It's based on a lucid dream of mine that kept recurring
Vivian Jun 13
Life is a war
And a choice
After all, how much blood is spilled,
still is decided by you,
As so is how many burdens you have to carry
So ready or not,
Choose your battles well
  Jun 12 Vivian
Broken glasses everywhere
I am drowning in shallow waters
Lost eyes,scared of the dark
To become whole again

All I need is some music,
And pages and pages of
Different Colors and books
A little lighting and thunder
And you

That's all it takes
Fir these little pieces
of my heart to join
All it takes is you
All I need is you

Hold on
Don't ever let go
Isn't love endless?
With you I feel limitless

If you ever need me
You'll find me
Meet me at the rooftop
I'll be talking to the stars

I am not afraid anymore
My fire is brighter than ever
Flawed and fearless
Stronger with you
A really old poem I wrote for a very dear friend of mine.actually a song(if you can imagine my screechy cat voice singing it way off tune
Vivian Jun 12
It's the same every day,
never changing,
same face,
same body,
never different,

just the same lie,
told over and over,

will the truth ever hit them?

I don't know

What I do know,
is that it's not the same,
everything's changed,


The battles inside my mind,
how many tears I shed for you
the way I smile,
the way I feel,
my heart,
which is now broken

has changed,

But when you look at me,
I suppose you don't see it

They never do
  Jun 12 Vivian
Will you be the mirror to my heart?
No matter where you are,another land or in another life
 when I fall in the abyss,
Will you shine your light?
Love my heart even when it stops beating
When you cross the lake if the living
I'll be waiting at the shore
Looking for the diamonds in your eyes

Oh angel,baby girl
Are you hurt from your fall from above?
To every second to its own
I fall for you even more
I want to feel your eyes on mine
To hold you when you dream
Your brown eyes are forever my blue sky
Even if you don't know it yet
My heart is already yours
Fell in love,hard.that should explain the rest
Vivian Jun 12
Have you seen the river waters,
on a stormy day?
Gray and blue waves,
crashing into each other,
as they sink upon the rain
Humid air,
the scent of fresh grass,
as you stand, watching outside the window,
waiting for the sun to rise again

Have you seen the trees
on a windy day?
Branches waving a sweet hello
as you walk past,
leaves swirling in the breeze,
a swaying song,
bringing you back
to your roots

Have you seen how fast the clouds float by,
when you let patience takes it course?
Staring eyes watch intently,
as they walk across the blue sky,
as you stand,
small in the big world?

Have you felt the power of the earth,
compared to yourself,
the channeling demand,
as you are just one of
the many,
Yet in your hands,
holds possibility
as you can still bring change?
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