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  Jun 12 Vivian
frozen,vacant,painted in grey
A dolorous tale of atrocity,
my reality remains the same
so i drift into the clouds
a foreign land,a place i call home

ether in the air,it beckons the light
stars above ,i meet them in the sky
i give them the key to my soul
and tell them never to let go

ere the sun sets on this horizon
ere the stars fall on the sky
this bard returns to her abode
back to her mundane existences
Vivian Jun 12
If the empty void
of the universe,
and space,
is my heart,
then you would be my star,
shining a path,
for me,
when nothing else seems to work
Vivian Jun 12
I think about the lonely souls,
that wander,
silent, invisible tears,
in our suffocating world

I think about the broken hearts,
holding onto the ruins of their home,
shattered by rejection,
taken over by hate,
of their fallen life

I think about the cracking masks,
slowly showing their true faces in despair,
smiles that represent laughter,
but really mean sadness,
as we all, choose to hide

I think about the word "okay",
which is merely another lie,
told throughout the day to one's self,
hoping to cover a truth,
too big to bear

I think it all,
felt it all,
experienced it all,
and know it all

Yet I've never,
had someone else be there for me,
through it all
Vivian Jun 8
Hand in hand,

you beside me,

and I know

that I will make it,

as long as you're there
Vivian Jun 4
If it all comes to an end,
no beginning to future

If the questions never asked,
have the most needed answers

If the photos that are taken to remember,
still, fade out to nothing

If there is no one beside you,
to hold you when you cry

If the expectations are too hard to reach,
far from reality

If no one cares,
enough to love

How does one expect me to live by,
and not want to die?
Vivian Jun 3
If there's a future left
One that will heal
The scarred past and the broken present
Change how I feel

If there's still a sun
Above the storms of gray clouds
As not enough light gets in
No blue sky to be found

If thoughts finally take over
Emotions destroy logic of the mind
Tears flood out, oceans made
Things never the same

If this journey of life
Becomes too unbearable to walk
Choices chosen wrong, roads haunt
Tired eyes, face gaunt

If it all comes to you
The weight on your shoulders
Will you carry it up for me
Give me back normal again
And let the world finally see?
No pressure of course no pressure
Vivian Jun 3
If there's a place for shaking,
shivering hands,
worried minds,

If there's a home to dying,
a countdown to your end,
no one beside you,
at your very last breath

If there's a place that welcomes the running,
hiding from the fear,
one where rest is allowed,
and the tired can close their eyes

If there's a place that starts it all,
the fires and the rage,
the one that ruins it all,
shattering in it's disgrace

If there's a place that does it all,
I truly hope
it would be
our world
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