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  23h Vivian
Tom Harding
Gone this morning
out the window
towards the blossoming trees
where the little birds
are singing
their blind
love song for the world.
  23h Vivian
Sure I liked the lanterns,
Sure the river looked pretty,
But what I'll remember most is the people,
That lit corners of my heart
I'd forgotten existed.
Vivian 23h
You can't forget love
Healing doesn't work like that
Ignoring won't solve it
Instead just embrace your pain
And let out the tears you have been holding back
Stay true to yourself

And let time do its job
Vivian 23h
Creation in my hands
Trembling with potential
Closed eyes
Nothing seen
Except the power of one's mind

Imagination dances around me
Hopes after so long came true
Wishes held close to heart
Let out

Do what I want to
Control of it all
Life hidden in each thing
Waiting for discovery

Played so many times
Now held in the stable picture
Of reality

Yet we all have to open our eyes
We all have to open our eyes

And let go
Of what we've held on for
So long

The dreamer will always wake up
Vivian 23h
Only a flicker of a light
Still burns
In the beating of my heart

A flame once stood
Proud and tall
Now sits in a pile of ashes

A personality
Now doused by water
No longer warming in fame

A day where the night is dark
And coldness takes over
Gathered people stand around the hearth

To see the crumbled remains
Of the love and care
That once shone there

Only a flicker is left

Only a flicker
Vivian 4d
Voice strung out,

Melody reaching toward the sky,

Brave and alone,

piercing the night breeze,

Tears and sounds sang into one song

Over and over,

Soft, yet loud enough to be seen

Closed eyes,

And you sing,

As the lonely choir begins again
  4d Vivian
I close my eyes and drift off
To a place built by my thoughts
Where the visions I see
Are as absurd as me

Things are crazy,
Like none could ever happen.
My vision's a bit hazy, like pictures not sharpened.

I gain a little consciousness,
And somehow become aware,
That everything around me,
Isn't actually there.

All of the above hints me,
That this is my creation:
My mind sets its theme,
I can will things to occur,
My emotion tints the scene,
And somehow I confirm,
That this is my lucid dream.
Nothin to say
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