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Seeing things that can't be unseen
Things that forced young eyes to mature
Her past present and future seemed pristine
Never being exposed to something so obscure

Never will she forget
Little does she know she is affected for life
Everything became so offset
In her head there is nothing but strife

Never will she forgive
Growing up forever scarred
Before bed all the memories relive
On the outside she seemed so unmarred

Never will she trust
Because the things she has seen can't be unseen
Now all she sees is disgust
And she is barely even a teen
Growing up in an Asian household
Dating out of my race was something my parents would scold
Bringing home a white man made my parents question what honor would I uphold
Despite all the criticism, I gave them a sight to behold

One by one I see the disapproval on their face
When I bring someone home that is not of my race
All I hear is murmurs and whispers of how I am a disgrace
But I muted all the muttering because with him everything was in place

— The End —