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Aug 2020 · 114
Vishal Pant Aug 2020
A smile is rare among the crowd
even the sky has a gloomy shroud
colorful flowers replaced with concrete gray
more worship and less pray

It's becoming hard to be human
when everybody is concerned with their toman
loving yourself has become secondary
people's kindness is now nary

the world needs optimistic fools
seeing the good where none is left
chasing happiness in the gloomy seas of depression

I might become a fool
if somebody joins me along the way
and maybe these gray clouds will pour away
and the flowers might bloom again
Aug 2020 · 25
Vishal Pant Aug 2020
Seemed perfect from a distance
A distance I maintained
Hope I could minus the gap, hence
Led myself astray, sorrow gained

Echoing throughout my mind
Spreading like untamed flame
I knew I had to rescind
I knew I wouldn't be the same

Seemed perfect from a distance
A distance I could've maintained
But I risked it all
Gave in to the flame

It's been Foxglove's time
The distance was illusionary
It was a bridge built from one side.
I'm afraid it still looms over.
Jun 2020 · 369
Black or White
Vishal Pant Jun 2020
Black or white only fought in chess I thought
amidst all the frenzy reason was sought
but such trivial things would bring upon the upheaval
here we are back to the postmedieval

MLK died trying to spread the message
Trump was just 'checking' out his bunker
in these desperate times we need a passage
not the hollow words of a banker

The world is filled with choices
black and white
is what they told you in the books
but it's all gray out here

We were supposed to be his best creation
but earth would be better without us
The animals come in more colours than us
It just makes them more beautiful
just penned down my thoughts with the things going on
Apr 2020 · 197
Vishal Pant Apr 2020
Its too short
You've got one chance
Stay stuck up at your fort
Or have some clearance

Taking hurt from the words of other
Getting labled
Be your mind's own cottager
And become fabled

It's a never ending war with yourself
So every little battle counts
Dust settles at the shelf
Pleases don't back out
Apr 2020 · 83
Vishal Pant Apr 2020
I try
But I fly
To the skies above
From where the clouds
My tears
Descend down
And make the desert green again
Suppose that's a happy ending then
Apr 2020 · 650
The Lake
Vishal Pant Apr 2020
The silence surrounds
Laying on the green grass
Staring at the setting sun, it's a reddish round
A Twite's trill treads all around

A benign breeze breaks,
helping the wafting wherry
The perpetual pier
gathered a gleeful gaggle

The lulling lake
a serene sight
beauty bound
A dream domicile
Apr 2020 · 112
Sneak A Smile
Vishal Pant Apr 2020
Happiness and sadness
It's all a matter of perception they say
Do you think I want to  be this way
Turning every color gray

Not seeing the things for now , predicting how they may fail
Heartbeats becoming faster than my thoughts
And time slowly flowing away

They ask why haven't you called since May
Are you all right is everything okay
I just sneak a smile which had meaning before
And ask, "Of course. What seems wrong?"
Apr 2020 · 139
Vishal Pant Apr 2020
When its all over, what will be left
Your worth in gold
Or the memories that'll make you chuckle when you're old
All the worries you swam across
Or the question you asked her, based on the love coin's toss

It's better to feel empty inside than to adjust to the weather outside.

The ifs and buts are needy companions,
who are better left alone.

So when its all over
The gold will sink
Chucklin memories will be all I think.
Apr 2020 · 136
Faith: Lost and Found
Vishal Pant Apr 2020
There is a sun in the sky
As high as the birds that fly
Vapidly, man crawls from it
In him the dread starts soaring
Shouldn't God end this fit
His faith starts ebbing

A voice echoed from above
It is true you can't look at the sun
Because of the sun you can look at the wide blue yonder

Not every pain is sent from above
Some are yours to tend
Seek the faith you lost, regain it again

— The End —