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Virginia Whiddon Jul 2011
I've never seen more clearly,
than when the blinding sun is in my face.
Never tasted something so sweet
than when the pungent ocean seeps through my lips.
I've never felt something so warm
as the initial creep into the icy water.
I've never smelled something more alluring
than the stench of a fisher man's daily catch.
And I've never heard something so soothing
as the melody of the sea gulls screeches and moving waves.
Yet, I've never been so blinded
than I am by your devouring love.
I've never tasted something so bitter
than the thought of your unattainable kiss.
I've never felt something so overpowering
as your imaginary embrace.
I have never smelled something more agonizing
than the scent of your sweet perfume.
And never have I heard something so deafening
than your angelic voice,
singing eloquent words into someone else's ears.
Virginia Whiddon Nov 2014
Someone asked me my favorite color.
All I could think to answer, was that
pink and orange mixture that radiates
from the sun a half hour after 7
in the beginning of October,
reflecting vibrantly in her hazel eyes,
while her fingers are entwined with mine
and the faint smell of her perfume
blends with the Autumn smell
of mowed grass and bonfires.
Virginia Whiddon Jul 2011
This mid-june day feels more like fall;
the sweltering summer heat masked by a peaceful breeze
gently touching every grave's bouquet.
It feels more like the days when you were mine,
and we faced the twisted world hand in hand.
Nostalgia gets the best of me...every time.
Now I can taste your scent in this pseudo-fall air
and remember the way your eyes felt meeting mine.
Now I wander through homes of a hundred ghosts,
with the ghost of what we used to be on my back.
Tears shed without warning,
this cemetery feeling more and more like home.
Virginia Whiddon Jan 2012
Hands aching for a final embrace.
Lips yearning, tongue begging for another taste.
To taste the love you once gave,
when the world spun because I was yours.
When sychronized heart beats and melodied hums
played your hearts lullaby to mine,
when our lips met and your eyes were
brighter than the stars that shined.
One more earth shattering kiss, my love,
I crave one before the crash, then tell me goodbye,
please, tell me goodbye.
Virginia Whiddon Nov 2014
Saltwater Poet.
Waves washing over me cleanse my soul.
Salt-soaked sand glues itself
to my skin,
it clears the cobwebs in my cluttered mind.
Anchoring back near the coast
is my ultimate goal.
Reaching others through my words
with the help of my
Nautical Muse.
Virginia Whiddon Jul 2011
Here I am again, this black hole all too familiar,
eluding my being, the gnawing at my gut resembles a lion and his prey.
Ripped apart at the seams, I lay lifeless on this empty floor.
Sacrificing my body for one I adore; my sweet lion...
But love is a filthy *****.
Tangled emotions, mixed scents staining various bed sheets,
lingering while I soak my shirt with your never ending lies, broken promises,
pain shooting through my eyes.
A thousand hearts to shatter and you choose mine.
Love is blind, oh, love is blind? No.
Love is all seeing, the most clear visioned element, and I saw you.
Until this heartache, all-consuming, drags me under.
Losing sight, blinded only now, stomach turning like heavy wrenches pulling at old bolts.
Coming undone finally, world spinning, blood loss, love loss, life loss, done.
Virginia Whiddon Nov 2014
I fell in love with the soft
whimpers that escape you
when your body is first
waking up in the morning.
The way you twist and
turn to awaken every muscle.
Virginia Whiddon Jul 2011
Pity smiles as I walk through the doors.
I hesitate, my eyes avoiding the far wall of the room.
My younger cousins standing together,
I force a smile of my own, aching to embrace them.
One last squeeze before mom releases my hand...
A mixture of tears soaks my shoulder.
I force my feet to move toward the open casket, as the room begins to slightly spin.
I feel an arm around my waist, damp tissue in my clenched fist...
All sounds fade except the faint sniffling and warm buzzing in my head.
Her pale skin is now in plain sight.
Two more slow steps, now just inches away.
My feet glued in place, legs feel weak.
My eyes are locked on her still face, trying and failing to stop myself, I reach out.
Reluctant fingertips graze her icy cheek, and all at once I break.
There's no stopping the tears I've been holding in. I stare, sobbing.
Replaying memories of years back...months back...last week.
Her laugh plays in my head on repeat, her voice.
I imagine her with her usual bright red lips, instead of the pale pink they painted them today.
Breaking my silent revery, my grandfather comes to say goodbye.
Forming a halfcircle around him, we listen to his heartbreaking words,
echoing above the sounds of grief...this is all too surreal.
One last glance before I turn toward the exit and take my first step, preparing for the next day...

The preacher spoke sweet words, laughter and tears filled the dismal area between those walls.
We marched out into the grass. We drove our cars in single file to the cemetery,
all in what was seemingly the blink of an eye.
Now, staring at the freshly turned earth, in a lost gaze,
nothing to hear aside from the wind shaking the leaves, time stops for a moment.
Just for a second..and sometimes, forever.
Virginia Whiddon Feb 2014
I tilt the bottle up, the last drop flowing into my glass.
I allow the warm red silk to slide
Down my throat and with that, allow you to enter my mind.
In no time you take over like a growing **** and my thoughts wander.
Maybe... Maybe we met at the wrong time.
Our young minds ran rampant with
Jealous Thoughts.
The distance hurt us, too.
But we had that chemistry.
An undeniable lust for adventure we
Found only in each other.
What if we met now?
If our new lives intermingled in a messy web of fate.
I could stop into a busy coffee shop on an unplanned trip northbound and above the overpowering scent of espresso beans I catch you, loose jawed, staring in my direction with the same twinkle you had universe's ago.
Could we find ourselves, a few years after, eating out of plastic take out cartons and sipping cheap red wine in front of a glowing screen we would share from our third Story apartment building?
My thoughts are interrupted by the jingle of keys outside my door, and I turn my attention back to my novel, the same page that I started an hour ago.
Virginia Whiddon Nov 2014
It's so odd how one smell can trigger so many emotions.
I used an old deodorant today and I
swear every time I lift my arms I am
back in your bed, one hand behind my head
and the other wrapped around your petite body.
The nostalgia has a choke-hold on me these days.

It's so odd how one smell can trigger so many feelings,
like the scent of Old Spice,
or the perfume in your favorite store.
Or the smell of our frequented restaurant,
or the metallic blood on my lips when your cutting words
blended with your sweet kiss and caught me off guard.
Virginia Whiddon Nov 2014
I long to lay my eyes
upon the inside of your mind,
and take notice of the
tiny mess you've built
for comfort.
And then I will compare
it to the tiny mess you've
made inside my heart
for the same reasons.
Virginia Whiddon Nov 2014
Chewed another ****** to forget you.
Chased it with a shot of Jack just to
dull the gnawing in my gut a little.
I fell into a deep slumber.

Then there you were in my dreams.
So predictable.

Tomorrow night I will take two.
Chase them with two more shots.

There has to be something to **** this
counterfeit perfect memory of you.
Virginia Whiddon Jul 2011
I sent a message out to sea, through
wasted words it begs for your return.
If the nautical clamor delivers it to you,
we will be reunited soon.
For weeks I wandered this lonely harbor
sunset after sunset and hoped that the coastal breeze
wouldn't bring with it your scent.
I saw your face in my dreams, and
that was almost too much...
I sent out a message in a bottle,
if it should reach your salted hideout, you'll soon
find that your vessel is calling my soul to your sea...
Sunrise after sunrise I wander this dewey harbor
and search the docked ships for something familiar.
And at night I'll sit out on the jetties, my eyes follow the
guiding light out to sea and I'll think of you,
and wish that when the coastal breeze blows east,
you will accompany it back to me.
So I wrote a message, addressed to my love out at sea,
telling of my desires to join you.
I'll leave this port behind and
the sea will be our home.
I sent out the message in a corked bottle,
and hoped the waves will carry it your direction,
and that you'll allow my love to be your beacon
through the rough seas and guide you to shore.
And night after night, I will sit and await
the arrival of my craved mariner.
Virginia Whiddon Nov 2014
My greatest fear is
that handwritten letters
will soon be a lost
My greatest wish
is to be your
only artist.
Virginia Whiddon Jan 2012
Like a snake slowly coiling around my vitals,
your sly words took hold of me.
Everything beautiful and calm, hidden wretchedness,
a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Justifying your words, my feelings;
heads spinning.
A stronger love than fathomable, I fell so hard,
blind to the sinister lies that your flawless lips leaked out.
Drool oozing out, I'm hungry for the last taste of you,
you're the apple and I'm Eve,
releasing my last bit of dignity, I
chased the perfect evil that is You.
Skin shed, your soul revealed: dark.
Stars fading overhead, aching, stomach in knots...
waking up refreshed, reborn, life without the shackles.
The rising new sun is brighter than before.

— The End —