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Violet Oct 2020
lecture me
yell at me
silence is wicked
lingering and haunting
sitting and pondering
have i said something
was i pushed off your train of thought
am i forgotten
the silence loiters and nags
Violet Oct 2020
your touch circles my consciousness
your wondering hands exploring
you were here
i felt you
Violet Aug 2020
i saw a flower today
reminiscent of you
involuntarily beautfiul
beaming in sun
her smiles in the summer
Violet Aug 2020
my want for u
to skip on sunshine
on cloud nine leaping for joy

to love another freely
unaccompanied by fear and pain
one to love you absent of restrain
Violet Aug 2020
flowers with your name
sit sedentarily on my desk
i dried them
placed them in a waiting vase
one day to leave on your doorstep
ring the doorbell and retreat to my car
wait for u before i drive
Violet Aug 2020
tell me im someone
give me everything u think i am
dump it on a plate and fatten me up
Violet Aug 2020
scrawny with
eternal dark circles
abysmal taste in clothes
with histrionic emotions on top

is this what you call beautiful?
how can you love this?
sure you want this?
questionable taste
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