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violavics Mar 2020
One, two, three
Just like that

I am walking away
without ever looking back

From what I see
There is no use to seek further
I reached my pivotal moment. I protect my own safety.
violavics Feb 2020
in moments of bliss
you shine inadvertently
unsure of why I worry of you

in fragments of abyss
you relieve deliberately
sure of why I wish for you;
I certainly cannot miss
February 11, 2020
violavics Jan 2020
I found myself
I found myself and ran away

Gliding through the days when
I worried about anything
to everything

One does not know when
they are breaking
until detour looms over

to try to sneak you in

Riding past the days when
I worried about nothing
to something

One knows when
they are healing
until detour seeks no more

to try and peek in

I find myself
I find myself and walk away
Strength enables you.
January 12, 2020
violavics Jan 2020
When you look above,
what do you see?

pink or blue
dawn or dusk
sunset or sunrise
with or without demise

lifting the weight
seems impossible

belief in oneself
is armor in galore

When you look below,
what do you believe?
Tiring days stand before you. You may feel burnt out or unable to take so much more than what you have done until now.
Strength exists in you, so continue living and experiencing the wonders of finding your purpose and spread joy. You are here, somewhere, and everywhere.

January 12, 2020
violavics Jan 2020
Coalesced in unwavering thoughts
Simmering, glimmering, twinkling
It’s been awhile since I took a vacation

Tangled up with current happenings
Unable to forego the bruising scars
Here I go

Days of remembrance and existence
Swing past me;
but no more drowning
in sorrow

For I morph stronger,
beaming in plight
standing much longer

Scattered in unwarranted plots
Shimmering, twisting, linking
It’s quite awhile until I take a vacation
Reflection. It comes in many stages: denial, acceptance, revival.
You are continuing with reasons and I applaud you for doing this.

January 12, 2020.
violavics Jan 2020
pierces within,
I recall scenes of March:
lilac fields meet mint to glisten
Come soon.
violavics Aug 2019
Just like that
I discovered
my uncertainty
was due to
my senses

Beneath all this
I discovered
my curiosity
was due to
your defenses

Would it be unfair
if I looked at you
from afar?
Would it be unfair
if I spent more time

In the meantime,
I hope your dreams
come true --
just like you
August 15, 2019
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