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violavics Jun 13
You can lift me
with merely a smile
my head tilts at the sight of you

I want you near  
stroking my hair
gazing through my eyes

Speak to me more
about you and your interests
anything you can possibly share

You can see me
in the days and nights
when my hand reaches out to you

I want you here
cradling my arms
submerging through my mind
missing someone who caught my eyes and mind
June 13, 2019
violavics Dec 2017
“Alright, enough - let me stop looking”
through the feed:
where they went
what they ate
who they saw
where they spent

is it just me or
does it seem uncanny
that I am the only one
feeling more lost
as I enter
my virtual scrapbook

my ups and downs
unfurl and curl me around
after merely twenty minutes,
activating to navigating
surreptitiously agitating

“I wonder how he’s doing
oh how about her too”
through the feed:
how they snapped
what they chatted
seems nosey but just
want to stay in the loop

it is just me or
does it seem melancholy
that I am the only one
feeling more lost
as I leave
my inner diary

wanting to restart:
12/28/17 12:39PM
violavics Dec 2017
one of these days
I will try to see without being obtrusive
I will try to breathe without much heaviness
I will try to hear without being unheard
I will go along with much steadiness

the irreplaceable is never to be
almost impossible to take back
as the grateful recipient  
the irreplaceable is never to be
almost possible to give back
to soon-to-be recipients

one of those days
I will speak with assurance
I will feel with dauntlessness
I will think with resourcefulness
12/25/17 1:32AM
violavics Aug 2017
One by one, she examined the various colors
that seemed to enlighten her previously gloomy mood
which can’t be modified in another

She is eighty-nine
a petite lady whose engine has not expired
because she constantly transforms its design
off she goes
Her destination? Not a clue, only she knows

Ultimately, selecting the bright magenta,
this ignited an enthusiasm that glowed
and spread over to my agenda

I stroll her to the dining room for lunch;
consisted of bland, dull-looking ingredients,
never increasing her appetite to munch.

She stared into her glass of water and tiny pill,
trying to hide the rough confusion:
unaware that a missed dose could make her ill.

She is eight or nine,
a petite girl whose engine will never expire
because she constantly creates lanes
off she strides
Her diminution? Not a worry, only she denies

I reassured that the pill was a raindrop,
waiting to be immersed into the atmosphere
where she can choose any shade to shop.

Staring with those twinkling hazel eyes,
notice how she's enthused.
Finally she picked up her utensils and ate:
delightful epiphany reminded her preferred taste.
May 20th, 2016: In memory of Vera. She was a resident with Alzheimer’s at a retirement community that I volunteered from 7th to 11th grade. Her presence and my time that I gained whenever I visited inspired me to wonder how much she feels endlessly.
violavics Aug 2017
360 degrees of empty space
Comprised with clouds of ideas
floating about and out
only getting older
Wouldn’t have it in another

Shouting out but hearing nothing
as if they have to enter like it’s something
worthwhile to consider
But what is it exactly to remember

Cyclic and pessimistic
just be still for now
Wouldn’t make a difference anyhow

Uninvited visitor
intrusive, destructive, elusive
Obnoxious in first minute
Forgiving in second minute

Surge through the constant illusion
where expectations and reality meet
from emptiness to everything
Becoming obsolete and on repeat

Trudge to square one
see what wasn’t seen at first:
a battle left undefeated until it
unleashes and heals what hurts
May 16, 2016
violavics Aug 2017
Rest your head against mine
close the eyes and breathe
no matter how low or high the sigh
entangle the knot to sought and believe

Where did it all begin?
stride the riotous rides,
in which you seek from within
Only to find yourself being swept from the tides

Wariness and insidious greed
bred together by incongruence
create destructions dangerously,
wholly, precariously upon decadence
all the answers cannot be provided
to some degree, eliminate;
Hindered visions unseeingly drag,
raising its toxicity but unknowingly disseminate
with thorough cleanse and repair.

Among the countless highlands,
lies the shelter of coziness.
More than one route is present;
thou shall not take the shortcut.
Like the tumbling earthquakes,
grounds will cry out.
Spontaneous happenings are passing:
Noons of misery and
Nights of sorrow shall leave.

Conformity, veracity, and
acceptance mend purpose
Unfold the map gradually,
Excavate and explore into the surface,
Thrive and reclaim spools of upholstery.

Rest your head against mine
open the eyes and breathe
no matter how short or long the time
entangle the knot to sought and seek...
When will it all begin?
May 16, 2016
violavics Jul 2017
I walk and sway,
hear trains whistle away;
quite enthused these cotton bolls make
me smile
July 28th, 2017. Cinquain is a 5-line poem. 1st line has 2 syllables, 2nd line has 4 syllables, 3rd line has 6 syllables, 4th line has 8 syllables, and 5th line has 2 syllables.

I recalled the time when I walked along the roads that lead to Corpus Christi. Vast fields of cotton bolls looked so dainty and fluffy. I took a few steps toward one, realizing that I crave cotton candy.
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