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perspicuous lover of umami and the human condition.
F/Minneapolis    instagram: @emnabeepoetry
Singapore    vibin’
31/M/Ontario    D. A. Juneau
Ryan O'Leary
Mallow.    I am a vegetarian, I eat bio, Biologique en Francais. Je ne mange pas du viande, poulet, ni poisson.
25/F/Germany    Fantasy lover. Likes making filk songs and funny lyric twists. Also has a tendency write about weird dreams and the moon.
Jennifer Beetz
55/F/USA    I have written poetry since I was 12 years old. no one has suggested I stop.
jeffrey conyers
united states    A proud African American male simply called an American. Who interested in church and the vision of God? And admire the illustrations, of Neal Adams ...
Jeff Gaines
55/M/L.A.    Old Road Dog, now chained in the backyard, wishin' he could bite someone. I have recently become a published author! My books are here: ...
dead 80s arcade
the arcade in town    you can find me at the local arcade next to the mom and pop pizza joint
26/F/Gurgaon    10987654321
Poetic T
On Oblivions Doorstep    I am that which was once many stars but faded reborn under a different name Darkness is my tether enjoy my many shades.. Once the ...
F/orbis    in mundo .. point of origin is always your self
sad boi hunter
19/M    just a dude trying to find some meaning in his life. follow my art account on instagram for more poetry and art like things @huntersartnshiz
Hiruni Nimasha
15/F/a place with flowers    emo brocken
58/M/schwenksville, penna    lviii roe man years ago, this average chap exited kraal. me once quaint space - utero - waz yielded against choice entity. gestation invoked mother ...
21/Other/Earth    Love blossoms with the rest of the weeds.
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