Will you ever think about me as someone who really was in love with you?
Will you ever notice the perpetual feelings that rest in my bones?
Will you ever see how strong my affection was and unconditional?
Will my literal heartache be noticed? Or will it pass like it never happened?
Like only I will remember
Because only I know about it
And only I believe it's true
But oh... I have loved you all along
But how can I tell you when I know you most certainly don't feel the same?
When you'll feel sorry maybe for not returning the love?
How can I tell you when it can risk jeopardizing our close friendship?
I love you
I love you
I love you
Every time
Every second
And God it hurts so fucking bad
And my heart aches so fucking often
And I will always not fucking care
Until this love I have
Fucking buries me under ground


Love is deadly
Vincent Jabre Apr 14

Look at the madness
How puissant and frantic
Oh look at the adrenaline
So powerful
Could fill the atlantic
Reverberating in my veins
Echoing in my mind
Madness in the hind

Look at the madness
In the pounding of my heart
Beating and beating
Slowly repeating

Look at the madness
Insomnia the blatant routine
Obsession of a young man
Because of a girl so pristine

Look at the madness
Magnanimous love flowing back to the river
Back to the trees
Between the hallowed grounds
And between the leaves

Look at the madness
The surges of lightning
No need of moon when the bolts are shining

Look at the madness
Freakishly eccentric
Constituting dreams, thoughts, memories
And making them hectic

Look at the madness
Under the bed sheets all alone
Exhilerated but exuberant
The night being turbulent

Look at the madness
At the face it embraces
And the dream that it chases

Look at the madness
To give all and receive none
To get dust and return sun

Look at the madness
And the carelessness along
Look at how it plays its song

Look at the madness
Look at me


The madness makes me love so much
Vincent Jabre Apr 11

I don't know what it feels like to not be in love anymore
A seashell that has forgotten how the tide feels when it reaches the shore
It has been so long since I've loved you, and remaining evermore
I was attracted, liked, fell, loved, and now I can't help but adore
I also can't help but feel deeply and internally sore
Oh look at my expressive drawings... The fear, the gore
But look at my dreams, in a euphoric and constant forevermore
I wake up with doleful tears, insatiably wanting more
I wake up and witness another day, forgetting the nothingness I bore
Proclaiming my unrequited love as an imminent  lore
Forgetting what it's like to not have feelings deep in store
But if this feeling I've always had is still the same as before
What is it that I am truly fighting for?


Love does not alter
Vincent Jabre Apr 2

Scary thoughts:
Falling in love and never getting back up
Falling in love and not being returned the feelings
Falling in love and watching you fall in love with another
Falling in love while you barely even like me
Falling in love and having my heart broken
Falling in love and not being happy

So many messed up scary thoughts
That curse my existence and damage my brain
They keep me awake at night
They haunt me every time I close my eyes
There's no release... Love is a demon

Scariest thought:
Falling in love
Falling in love with you
Again and again and again


There is no evil angel but love
Vincent Jabre Mar 22

There's a lunp of coal on my chest
And i'm afraid it's catching sparks
I'm afraid it's getting heavier
Filling my lungs
And i'm coughing black smoke
Cause your memory's been evoked
And now that you've been invoked
I can feel the spark ignite
Oh how it brightens the night
Oh yes i feel it lighting me up
Incandescent body
But I feel heavier
I feel exhausted
Exhilerated inside
I can no longer hide
My beaten side
Drained from my cries
So now all i have is a lump of coal
And a memory of you
And a body catching fire


Love is fire
Vincent Jabre Mar 19

Flaring silver in the dark blue sky
Sparks of light ablaze
Locked castle doors to imply
The secret of our hypnotic gaze

I climb the big, firm willow
And loudly whisper your lovely name
You slowly open your glass window
The glory to proclaim

Oh flying ravens of ebony night
Hiding our secret ways
A nightly tryst gone oh so right
Counting the dreamy days

Her hair flipped down
My expression, surprised
Beautiful brown
Needn’t be disguised

For her light complexion
Is brighter than the flaring silver
For her complete reflection
Is clearer than the pains within her

No signs of lust to be found
No signs of later on temptations
Only our love, deeply profound
Conversations combined with revelations

Her harp played harmonies sweet
So I knew you were neurotic
By the sound of your drum beat
And I, allured by your aroma scent, exotic

I come here now to serenade
And kiss your marvelous soul
For you I’d catch a grenade
And in your heart enroll

Midnights I spend in your garden of peace
Where peace reigns all over the air
Sculptures of gods, from ancient Greece
But you, My Goddess, are beyond compare

A lullaby I sing to you
While you sit on the wooden bench
And you wear your gorgeous dress, blue
Then grab my arms and clench

I long to see the moonlit in your hair
And drown in the depths of your attachment
I love telling you from time to time, how much I care
You’ve got me bound to your enchantment

The spring windy night breeze
We stand together watching the sailors sail
We listen to the rumbling of the trees
And stare as the land goes pale

The flower has begun to bud
The grass is greener than ever
They say water is thicker than blood
But our water ties will last forever

Passion you offered in time and again
And I gladly returned the favor
And not long ago, don’t remember when
I got to intimately taste your heart and savor

Oh long spring night, the time has come
For you to leave and accept the new season
I thank you for all that I’ve become
I thank because you gave me a reason

And yes my love, you are the reason to my life
The reason I hold on to precious earth
The moments we spend are always rife
The moments we spend are always worth

Hug me with your loving arms
Touch me with your lovely hands
I’ll protect you from all harms
And I’ll buy you all the lands

And here right now I say to you
That my love for you is ultimately authentic
The color of spring, we’ve seen its hue
In our insomniac nights, majestic

With your fabulous stare
I faint out of sight
With your divine hair
You caress me and cast out blight

And with my touch
Your lips I seal
And with my love
Your heart I steal

spring i love
Vincent Jabre Feb 13

Today is the day of love's celebration
A day for couples to fill with elation
But what about me who's here alone
Wanting the explanation to be shown?

What about me who wants to be elated too?
Instead I'm alone again, joke's not on you
I've been craving a love that does not crave me back
I've tried all the loopholes, but there is no hack

So what do I do when time is running by
And love life's filled with lows, there is no high
Do I give up? Move on? Try something new?
Or do I cling to the hopelessness of our love being true?


Valentine's day making my heart weak
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