Vincent Jabre Dec 2017

With the clicking of the champagne
And the fuzziness of the brain
I hope I find true love at last
I hope I don’t repeat the past

I wish from the bottom of my heart, my feelings true
I hope I become the one I wish I knew
I hope with the falling of the darkness, the falling of the snow
That I become the one I wish to know

New year, new me?
Vincent Jabre Nov 2017

You've made your home inside my brain
You've reached places my soul can't attain
You've been driving me wild, completely insane
Slithering through me, my dignity wane

Piercing through my unconquerable wall
Extinguishing my unquenchable flames
I feel you all the time, and in love I fall
I fall and I feel the inexorable tames

It's like pleasure and pain have finally collided
You're engraved in my soul, my fate's decided
A paradox shifting from affection to one-sided
From lifting me up to watching me subsided

I've grown accustomed to your presence
I've grown to believe you're sanctuary
I don't know how to love without your essence
Your cancer has become habituary

But it's eating me all black, malignance, malice
I'm lost and drowning in your wonderland, alice
Into the abyss of your own twisted mind's palace
Hoping I could numb the flowing feelings, callous

Hoping I could kiss your lethal affliction
Cause I adore it, even in pain
Baby, we're all masochists, pure addiction
To the drugs you've infused in my brain

You're terribly fatal, and terribly sweet
The only one capable of getting me down on my feet
The only one capable of making me confess my defeat
Your playlist, your words, your name on repeat

I abhor your guts for making me feel so weak
I adore your guts for being so damn perfect
I'm burning, on fire, from the gas you leak
Another thing to add on the list of defects

You've incarnated cancer and validated the rumor
You're deadly and disastrous, I wish I'd  known it sooner
Maybe I knew, but didn't want to ruin the humor
That you're my end; My booze, my pills, my cigs, my tumor


Dedicated to S', a dear friend of mine.
Vincent Jabre Oct 2017

It's all black
It's all gone
It's all doomed
I look into your soul
And then
I'm elated
Flying on the largest wing
Alcohol between both our seams
Was only in my wildest dreams
Drunk by the shooting stars and their remains
With madness dripping from our veins
With beats ecstatic in our ears
There go all our fears
Lighting a fire in my night
Zeal and ardor burning bright
Sparks of magic all around
Everything is safe and sound
Everything is all right
Inhaling you like coke
Coalesced inside like smoke
Burst me from existence
Burst me into bliss


Read it inversely when done.

'Your hand in mine marching to the beat of the stars'
Vincent Jabre Sep 2017

Love is a tenderness
A remedy for the weak
A nightingale that sings
Through the night with its beak
Love is a boon
An abstract of a treasure
Abnegation of the moon's
Combined wih the sun's mighty reign
Love is a sea
A deep longing affection
Seeking happiness
Contrasting perfection
Love is a tear
That which waters our springs
Though the eagle brings fear
The nightingale still sings


Love is sweet and sour
Vincent Jabre Aug 2017

I used to love the moonlight
For the night it would unveil
With a radiance so bright
A ravishing shade of pale
It made the sunset envious
For it had the bigger crowd
Its light was just so generous
It made my heart beat loud

But now that I've seen your face
And the moonlight upon your hair
I can say I've seen true grace
And beauty beyond compare
A light beyond what eyes can see
My heart can only stop and stare
One of the angel's gifts for me
Gracious, stunning flare

Now that I've seen your soul
And memorized the songs it sang
I'd break down the strongest wall
To stop any burning pang
From diminishing your light
And silencing your songs

You seem to make rights
Out of my oh so many wrongs
Your light is all I've ever wanted
A wish upon a star come true
A cure to the nightmares that haunted
When I was feeling down and blue

You're beauty inside out
What others find unfair
Water to my drought
Mending every tear
Lighting up my heart
Blessing me with care
And with your magnificent art

No man would ever dare
Steal your soulful incandescence
Cause you've taught the moonlight jealousy
And you've stole my every essence
Baby, you're my heresy
My sin I can't atone

Your light will guide the way
But I'll always be alone
Though your light is here to stay
Your soul's not mine to keep
At least I can dream reality away
And find solace in my sleep.


I never knew you could hold moonlight in your hands till the night I held you
You're my moonlight
Vincent Jabre Aug 2017

I garbled the name of love
By becoming this desperate young man
Crawling after a love I'll never receive
Love has become a devil's trap
When you feel it coming, pack and leave
Beware the way it forms a gap
Right inside your heart and makes it linger
It may turn you numb from the tip of your finger
You'll be enthralled and never fall back out
You'll die and die until you're immortal
You'll be stuck in love with no return portal
With only your demons to hear you shout
You'll drown in misery as the water rises
Another foolish lover to add beside the prizes
Of young men in love without a doubt
Those who don't know what love's about
It's about dying daily and tasting blood
That your heart has rejected repeatedly
And you're burried under the mud
And carried by the flood
As your queen passes by, you'll lout
Flying your dignity abroad
So if you find a different route
Grab it and cling to it and follow it now
Before it's too late to save your soul
From the blackness caused by the fall
Do it quickly while you can
Before all you can do is bow
And let your queen take over
And no luck from a four leave clover
Or help from miracles above
Will be able to un-garble the name of love


Love is as evil as life gets
Vincent Jabre Jul 2017

In the A.M.s is when I ache the most
The sword in the stone is pulled out and back in every few minutes
Yes, my heart has turned stone cold after the relentless attacks
Yet here I am alive, in flesh and spilling blood, in tremendous pain, in love
My mouth is dry and my head just can't take the migraine
But then when I fall asleep
I get sucked into this black hole that spits me into a universe
A universe far from anything I have ever seen
One where the ache is numbed and the desires are realized
I fall asleep and, to be quite frank, I wish I never wake up
I wish to stay in that universe and never leave
And never go back to my universe
Maybe black holes aren't scary after all
Maybe they're a solace for the lonely
And in love.
Because, who truly knows what universe exists beyond what the eyes can see?


'My heart and other black holes'
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