In the A.M.s is when I ache the most
The sword in the stone is pulled out and back in every few minutes
Yes, my heart has turned stone cold after the relentless attacks
Yet here I am alive, in flesh and spilling blood, in tremendous pain, in love
My mouth is dry and my head just can't take the migraine
But then when I fall asleep
I get sucked into this black hole that spits me into a universe
A universe far from anything I have ever seen
One where the ache is numbed and the desires are realized
I fall asleep and, to be quite frank, I wish I never wake up
I wish to stay in that universe and never leave
And never go back to my universe
Maybe black holes aren't scary after all
Maybe they're a solace for the lonely
And in love.
Because, who truly knows what universe exists beyond what the eyes can see?


'My heart and other black holes'
Vincent Jabre Jun 25

You can watch me bleed on the concrete
As I admit my miserable defeat
The final act is finally complete
My own self-annihilation and deceit

You can read it in my eyes as they slowly dim
You can see it on the streets when she's kissing him
You can notice my lips have become untouched and prim
Because of the long wait, the wishful whim

You can't watch it on the news, it's not of fame
An unknown  repeating funeral that no one comes and came
Me, with only myself to blame
But on the bullet was carved your name


Sad love story, what's new?
Vincent Jabre May 30

I can feel your palm on my chest
Savoring skin, tearing my vest
My heart rate runs, so does the sweat
Anticipated ecstasy is all I get

Your lips, they approach, they part
The stentorian beats stop in my heart
In a frozen time, your eyes they show
That you fractured me into a rainbow

Your touch turns me into midnight
And my soul ignites by moonlight
And the petals on your skin
Reflect your floral spirit within

And the petals on your skin
Cover my bleeding wounds of sin
And the moonlit midnight in my all
Give you spring and take the fall

And my head hurts and moves too fast
Will this moment forever last?
A symphony of colors making my night
Messing with my brain, but still feels right

The autumn leaves, like your body, sway
And I'm asking, imploring  you to stay
But all I see is your ghost with wine
Is it only when I am drunk that you are mine?


City of drunk love
Vincent Jabre May 30

I can feel your palm on my chest
Savoring szk

Vincent Jabre Apr 18

Will you ever think about me as someone who really was in love with you?
Will you ever notice the perpetual feelings that rest in my bones?
Will you ever see how strong my affection was and unconditional?
Will my literal heartache be noticed? Or will it pass like it never happened?
Like only I will remember
Because only I know about it
And only I believe it's true
But oh... I have loved you all along
But how can I tell you when I know you most certainly don't feel the same?
When you'll feel sorry maybe for not returning the love?
How can I tell you when it can risk jeopardizing our close friendship?
I love you
I love you
I love you
Every time
Every second
And God it hurts so fucking bad
And my heart aches so fucking often
And I will always not fucking care
Until this love I have
Fucking buries me under ground


Love is deadly
Vincent Jabre Apr 14

Look at the madness
How puissant and frantic
Oh look at the adrenaline
So powerful
Could fill the atlantic
Reverberating in my veins
Echoing in my mind
Madness in the hind

Look at the madness
In the pounding of my heart
Beating and beating
Slowly repeating

Look at the madness
Insomnia the blatant routine
Obsession of a young man
Because of a girl so pristine

Look at the madness
Magnanimous love flowing back to the river
Back to the trees
Between the hallowed grounds
And between the leaves

Look at the madness
The surges of lightning
No need of moon when the bolts are shining

Look at the madness
Freakishly eccentric
Constituting dreams, thoughts, memories
And making them hectic

Look at the madness
Under the bed sheets all alone
Exhilerated but exuberant
The night being turbulent

Look at the madness
At the face it embraces
And the dream that it chases

Look at the madness
To give all and receive none
To get dust and return sun

Look at the madness
And the carelessness along
Look at how it plays its song

Look at the madness
Look at me


The madness makes me love so much
Vincent Jabre Apr 11

I don't know what it feels like to not be in love anymore
A seashell that has forgotten how the tide feels when it reaches the shore
It has been so long since I've loved you, and remaining evermore
I was attracted, liked, fell, loved, and now I can't help but adore
I also can't help but feel deeply and internally sore
Oh look at my expressive drawings... The fear, the gore
But look at my dreams, in a euphoric and constant forevermore
I wake up with doleful tears, insatiably wanting more
I wake up and witness another day, forgetting the nothingness I bore
Proclaiming my unrequited love as an imminent  lore
Forgetting what it's like to not have feelings deep in store
But if this feeling I've always had is still the same as before
What is it that I am truly fighting for?


Love does not alter
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