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Viktor Vincent Nov 2018
I have already grew fond of the night that grew longer.
This cold in the desert is what I always had.
My storms grew hurricane from the depths of my mind.
Would you hold on to me if the darkness embraces me?

If I became cold as ice,
would your fire thaw me from this agony?
Would the sight of your forgiving smile, keep me warm?

When my stars fell from the sky, would you admire me still?
Do you dare, to make it or break it?

Let me down gently.
As I fear and tremble.

I am ashes produced by a volcano of constant despair.

Hold on to me, as I lose myself from this storm from the pain that which I never shared.

Tell me, do you dare?
Viktor Vincent Oct 2018
I walk this empty halls with great stride.
The remnants of the fallen is excruciating.
My hands tremble with the fate that I have.

Endless battles from nameless enemies,
Wars and combat with unseeming cause.
Fight me, oh fight me and then hang me.

How long will this triumph fade?
For the sky is crying.
One eye of mine can see tomorrow,
But other eye is still lost on yesterday.
I have to end it all no regrets.

Tell me what sorrow feels like
When will the hurt be over?
How much will I tolerate?
This wounds I am left with, I am scarred and dented.

Fear me and call me lonesome for combat.
Viktor Vincent Oct 2018
To recollect my memory of you, Father
will be the greatest triumph I will gather.

Your comforting gaze will always be the one I long for
I had my share of quarrel with you, and yet you would always welcome me in your arms with this grace that you had.

These waves I ride today without you will always be remembered with great sorrow.

This life I have now Father, gives me the purpose to create things with these hands that you gave.
You will always be my greatest treasure, in this world full of maps to an unhidden treasure.

No caverns, caves, nor dark places will make me fear this life.
For Father you are with me.

Father, do not fear my existence.
I will give my life willingly to grace.
For this world carved me to be damaged.
But I remember you telling me to walk hard.
Thus, I will gladly jump into the fray with you by my side and spirit.

As I remember you on this 21st.
Know that you Father are my Prayer.
My soul.
My sanity.
My everything.
Let me be your reckoning.

I miss you father. With all the pieces of my heart.
Viktor Vincent Jun 2015
Make love to me, in this burning bed.
and I will have my way,
to your loving body all over.

A little bit of *** in you,
I have love on my fingers,
and lust on my tounge.

Sing to me soul, the moaning pleasure,
As I kiss your delicious shoulder, until I get to your chest.
So let me forever remember this sensation.

Must I resist,
If you insist,
To make release this fascination?

Your **** hips,
and asking lips
is all I wanna do.

So grant me this voluptuous kindness.
In return, I will make sweet, hard love to you in this fiery bed.
Viktor Vincent Jun 2015
Thus, the art I seek, I found only in you.

This wolf will howl only your name,

Like a song of fire, raging against the dying of the night.
Viktor Vincent May 2015
I satisfy myself in to this darkness that I have fallen into.

And I feel I am lost in a trance of despaired dance.

Never to grasp a part of me. All because I have lost an important slice of me.
Viktor Vincent May 2015
Must my heart thirst for hunger?
This naked pain is my existence.
Every memory of you is becoming vague.
and, a monster I have become.

Throw me into the sea of melancholy.
Let me drown with this depression.
Color me with your favorite color,
And gray I will become.

These screams of my heart cannot be heard.
But this twinkling night is my escape.

Slowly, I am dancing in a burning forest.
This vibration called sorrow is approaching.

I am afraid, you will taste the cigarette in my mouth once we collide.

Forgive me,
For I was trying to avoid my pen.
But this thoughts of you will be the death of me.

Never have I felt so lonesome tonight.
Like a fallen prince, stranded in a desert.

I have worn this mask for so long.
Feast your beautiful eyes, as I rot away.

Come morning light,
Embrace me with great euphoria.
Save me from this agony.
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