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I noticed her first
on the other side of the street
blonde, standing tall
an air of ease
engrossed in whatever she was talking about
with him.

I noticed him then
dark, broad
listening close
hanging on her words as if they were worth money
an expression of admiration
five o’clock shadow
furrowed brow.

I kept my eyes on the grey
of the ground. In the cold
I shuffled my scarf as if she might see it –
the place that he kissed me
above my collar bone, the curve of my neck
two nights ago.
They didn’t notice me at all.
by the waves of sound
so transcendentally human
I am swallowed, surrounded

The basses are an ocean swell
the tenors, a hull of solid oak.
We stand upon the altos’ sturdy deck,
gaze upwards at soprano sails
swollen with song

What strange creatures we,
to join and mingle so
to vanish in the whole.
This ritual enacted
for this God, or that
has outlived immortals and still
floods with lifeblood

Anu, Enlil, Enki, Baal,
dived divinely
in the sea of song
and vanished.
Forgotten gods adrift
in harmony, in melody

And while I wish
all gods forgotten
I would abase myself
before Jehovah’s golden toes
to be a part
of this eternal choir.
With eyes bled red by oozing tears
His sallow all-pleading visage wan
Weeps my grandson at the dentist's
Convinced the man is a dealer in pain
The little boy inside of me weeps too
What can I do, what must be must be
Each boy must find out for himself
what we imagine is often worse than the reality, but a small boy must discover that for himself. I think that such an experience is a much wider metaphor than may appear to be the case.
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh
Sometimes I'll hear your footsteps
in the empty hallway
And your laughter
in the vacant living room

I'll smell your perfume
in the musty closet
And feel your wit
in the silent dinnertime gloom

Sometimes I'll wait for your smile
Standing at the gate at 2:45
And wonder what you're doing, how you're feeling,
and what you cooked last night

So I'll call you up after office hours
but there's nothing to say
Still, just listening to the silence between us
is enough to make my day

I'll lament over the memories we can't make
and the inside jokes we'll never know
The premiers we're missing out on
The feelings I'll never show
I know you're doing your best
to protect and shield me always
but all I really want is
a Cadbury and a protective embrace

Because I want to hug you
all the time, everyday
And not just when we're saying goodbye
before you get into your car and drive away

Happy Father's Day.

© Copyright
I miss you.
Strange music playing
I never know from where it comes
always on a whim it wanders and goes
a flute, warm breathed upon my flesh
sometimes cool night jazz
a deep toned oboe, I breathe in wildly slow
drums synced in rhythmic beats
now a bass guitar strummed ever dark
a haunting violin that moans
ripping at the heart.
i am a mere word of this page
and you are the phrases i admire most that i can't have.
at least give me a proof of sentence,
that i am still part of your paragraph.
i've never thought that this boundless sea of whiteness
can be so lonesome.
the large gap between us and other words,
feels like the vastness of the ocean,
drowning me in and out of the pages.*

the untold story of the lonely word
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh
Erin Halle
You hijack the cells of my body
Like a virus

You've ensured that when it is
That I fight back
I am unable to.

I am left
Powerless and unmoving,
Save the ever so slight
Fluttering of eyelids.

You've turned me against myself
Trapped me in a useless mind
That cannot feel
The love he has for me
The love that would heal me
If only I could feel it.

But you've know all along what you're up against,
And you've known all along that you -
That I -
That We
Cannot win.
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