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Vid Mar 2016
The night goes by,
The clouds move on,
The rain falls down,
The ear phones remain in my ears,
My eyes remain open,
Trying to figure out why?
Why does life give us what we don't want?
Why don't we get what we want?
I move away from this topic,
Realizing just, not everything has an answer..
Vid Feb 2016
I log on after a few days,
With the slightest hope,
That someone might be thinking about me,
On this very day.

How wrong was I about her?
She, who I thought had changed,
She was the only one to think about me today.

Maybe as a friend,
But a thought is a thought,
And sometimes,
A thought is enough to make you smile..
Vid Feb 2016
They tell me to think about my future,
I ignore,
They again tell me to think about it,
I again ignore it,
They say it again and again,
I ignore it again and again.

I can never understand why?
Why are they so bothered about me?
I have heard we come into the world alone,
We leave the world alone,
Why do they care about us then?
Vid Jan 2016
I sit here thinking about how funny a year can be,
When the year was on its up,
Life was at its down,
And when the year was at its down,
Life was at its up,
Ironic isn't it?
But, that's what life is,
We need to accept things as they come,
Wait for the bad moments to become good,
And the good moments to stay good.
Vid Dec 2015
Just when I thought everything is over in my life,
Then came in an angel,
Different from the usual,
A girl who's so broken from inside,
Someone I want should smile when I'm around,
She shares a lot of things in common with me,
I think I've been waiting for her all this while,
She is someone I can not stop talking to,
A person for whom I again started staying up late nights,
Not even a week of knowing her feels like a lifetime,
I want to fix her up,
I want her to love herself again,
After all this is done, I'll stay by her side the way she would want me too..
Vid Dec 2015
As I look back at our friendship,
I see how we've got so close,
From friends to best friends,
The thought that you might leave someday haunts me,
I'm scared sometimes,
I cry sometimes,
I just need you to be with me,
To help me fight whatever comes my way,
All I ask of you is to never leave,
To never break me,
Never let me be alone,
You're nice, be by my side,
As a help, as my number one,
As my best friend forever..
Vid Dec 2015
Just as I sit alone I reflect back on the past,
I think about all that I've been through,
I realise it wasn't really worth it,
I loved her with every bit of me,
Having no ego to text her first,
To listen to all her  complains,
To bare with her mood swings,
But what do I get?

A heart which has been crushed to the last of its peices.
A girl who was once a poem which I couldn't recite,
And my life a story I always wanted to make a best seller.
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