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Vidur Khanna Nov 2020
A stacked pile of matchbox dwellings,
yellow hue visible from the shades.
Meant for hiding the darkest truths
and never to be shared escapades.

A withered leaf struggles to escape,
the branch it grew upon.
The fall wind sets it free,
and the dead beauty treads on.

Across the gravel road of my bedlam,
a street lamp casts a flickering light.
Like the rhythmic notes of a violinist
playing an ode to a mesmerizing sight.

The bard sees a silhouette,
his titfer' tip shines.
Circling the edges of the block,
the watchmen protect the times.
Vidur Khanna Dec 2017
Seldom, in my wildest dreams
I thought I'll be this man
Whiling away chasing whimsical muses
Can I change things around? I reckon I can

For I was lost in the pages
of laurels from my younger past
Living in this dreadly state of denial
magic with my success, I could have cast

Where did it all begin, I question
The time I started to regress
When did I stop playing those chords
of zenith, pinnacle and progress

Topsy-turvy, drift away I will
into this quaint beastly wild
But take care of me oh Lord
I am lost, yet your child!
Did you see the stars
As they shone on you
Vivid like a thousand scars
Inside the darkest blue
Did you see the hero

But that hero was you
Onward for people feel
When music becomes true
In the end you're never gone
Eternally remembered in a song
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Vidur Khanna May 2016
Witness the unknown
Reach the unforeseen
Travel,to live
Penniless and Excited.

Burn the midnight oil
Drifting through subconscious visions
Toil, for such majestic realms
Penniless and Excited.

When hunger strikes
Kingdoms, rather Dynasties, fall
For the ever growing appetite
A man hunts
Penniless and Excited.

That sweet spot, a special place
Where love is felt
To live, love
Penniless and Excited.

Penniless and Excited!
Vidur Khanna Jan 2016
En-route a voyage
An oasis, a mirage
The ship sailed free
Like a flying flee

With a Beatles compass
Finding Yellow, Thee Columbus
Traveler’s paradise, glide
On the currents slide

As it leaves the shores
The Queen, like a lion roars
Head held mast high
There is but to do or die

On the deadliest catch
No foe, no match
Water hits the wings
Like a pecan, it swings

Unaware of what it holds
As the weapon –gilded envelope rolls
It sails like an eagle on the earth
On its flight of rebirth

For it has seen worse
As on Valar morghulis curse
But it sheds off its cold
Eager to see what Mother Nature for it holds

For the ship sails
With prayers and hails
For some battles are never won
But the show, it must go on

Someday it will reach
Barriers, it will breach
As stitch in time
Someday it will return, my precious dime

The voyage ain’t a crusade
This battleship, my fate
For I will rise again from the ashes
Like a phoenix, I fly, unleashing my lashes
Vidur Khanna Nov 2015
Drenched on a cold blooded afternoon
For I was always different
From the usual misfits of the universe
Vulnerably concurrent but different

Frogs of a well
Diverse but in an aspect same
Couldn’t reach their zenith
But I, I was not the same

For we the leopards
In this bounty jungled
Spotted with past laurels, fame
For with history my thoughts never mingled

For I could see far and beyond
Outside the realms of humanity
For I was always different
Grounded,blind in my cemetery

For I am not a Roman Diete
But a paper boat on the currents
For I was always what I am
A roaring lion but different
Vidur Khanna Nov 2015
Shattered Bowed
Clustered broken glass
Dark shadow engulfs
Laid on the grass

Stone piece signifies
People bid goodbyes
Death Lord besieged
Now a graveyard breed

Tested through times
Committing crimes
Resting, Evil Wrath will rise
Avenging my cries

People, friends betrayed
My Wrath, My Hatred
Declared self-destructing
At times exploding

My Wrath, My Friend
My Wrath, My Hatred
My Wrath, My Enemy
My Wrath, ME!!
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