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Did you really think
you could break me?
don't you know
the light I hold inside?
the more cracks
you make in me,
the more the light
shines through.
so keep on
throwing your pebbles and stones.
I needed a way
to let out my shine
I walked through the garden of  my soul
and noticed it’s weeds have outgrown
It’s flowers
the blossoms suffocated
Under the vines of foreign invaders
I could feel the shaking and screaming
My spirit crying to be released
One cut
One kiss with the shadow that shares my bed
One ***** of the finger on the spindle
One sigh
One light at the end of the tunnel
I thought I needed space
But now it seems I cannot
Seem to close the distance
Between us
Two galaxies are colliding
Somewhere in the universe
And I can’t tell
Where my skin ends
And yours begins
In between satin sheets
sitting around monopoly pieces
avocado toast
and drinking water from wine glasses
the sounds of my own laughter
will ring in my ears
for decades to come
this is the present
this is the place where memories
come to be born
I broke my lease
with the past
and moved into your heart
I hope you don't mind
if I stay here
for a little while
moving on love healing letting go
I never knew
that fire could drown me
until I found myself
in your arms
I dreamt last night
the world was on fire
and it all started
with the spark
me and you
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