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Oct 2010 · 807
The night of the Dick
‘Twas the night of the dickfest
In Victoria’s house
Edward Cullen was sleeping
And wearing her blouse
Christina Kelly was awesome
Making bellydancing scarves
As she and Victoria worshiped the brightest star
His name was ****, no he wasn’t sandy
His last name ****, his first was Andy
And he was the coolest
Crazy gay man on earth
He’s just been that cool
Since the day of his birth
Which is why the two girls
Worshiped this man
And why their dickfiesta was in fact planned
Yeah Andy **** belongs to himself
Sep 2010 · 615
Stop saying what you say
Stop doing what you do
Stop hurting yourself
Because you're hurting me too
I wrote this.
Sep 2010 · 711
Little Brother
Little eyes
Crystal and perfect
Little ears
Sculpted, flawless
Little lips
Soft and lovely
And a little smile
With little teeth
To show your precious little face

But behind the eyes
Under the ears
And beyond your smile
Inside your little lungs
You’re sick

It pains me too look at you
Your little eyes
Little ears
Little smile
Because all I can see
Is a little box
Inside a little hole
And dozens of little flowers

But inside your little eyes
I see the smallest but most beautiful
Ray of hope
And I say to myself
“My little brother
So strong but so weak
Is going to make it”

And the box is empty
And the hole was never dug
And the flowers never picked

And I could see you again
And I didn’t worry
Because I saw hope
All the way down in your little lungs
Which won’t hold out forever
But for now you are my brother
I wrote this. My friend's little brother passed in the hospital last night. He was only three years old. It's all just so sad.
Sep 2010 · 725
Sleep Brother Sleep
Sleep brother sleep
for today is done
Oh my baby brother
We had so much fun

Oh silly little brother
Right now it's time for bed
Sleep brother sleep
Rest that little head

Goodnight little brother
there is no need for sorrow
Brother all we did today
We will do again tomorrow
Victoria Erausquin 2010
Sep 2010 · 490
A Fun Haiku
Dear silly Twilight fan
Edward Cullen is not real
He will not date you
Victoria Erausquin wrote this here beauty but Twilight and Edward Cullen are (c) Stephanie Meyer
Sep 2010 · 640
His Smile
His smile made it all ok
His charred flesh didn’t matter
I didn’t see the scars
His eyes no longer danced
Nor did they see me at all

But his smile made it all ok

His soul was full of hate
He hardly spoke to me
But on the scarce occasion

His smile made it all ok

He could no longer walk
And didn’t want kids
So they wouldn’t be ashamed
Of their crippled father
I agreed wishing I hadn’t
But he hugged me
And thanked me
And smiled

And his smile made it all ok

And years went on
And we never had kids
We never went to a graduation
Or a class play
We never got mother’s day gifts
But over the years he smiled more

And his smile made everything ok
Basically this is based after a fire that almost took this girl's husband's life. It's not very good, but I wrote a short story similar and a lot of people liked it.
Aug 2010 · 541
Exit Wounds
It's not fair

nobody will win

just stop letting people in

because in the absolute end

you're just going to have to let them out again
Yeah goodbyes, that **** ***
Aug 2010 · 381
Talking to You
I wish I could tell you.

All the things I want to say.

Why didn't I tell you?

Please don't walk away.

Alright shut up I love you

Are you happy I said it?

Now please just end this fight

Please don't make me regret it.
Yes, I wrote this.
Aug 2010 · 1.4k
You Promised
You promised me a new dress
You gave me that dress

You promised me a cookie
You got me the cookie

You promised to take me to the park
You got around to it

You promised I could visit again soon
And I did the next year

You promised me there was a Santa Clause
And you tried to keep me believing

You promised me High School would be fun
Yeah that’s bull

You promised me you’d never let anyone hurt me
Yet I still got into fights

You promised you’d stay healthy
You lied

You promised me you’d live forever
And despite everything

You still died
Promises so easily made and so easily broken
Aug 2010 · 475
Don't Jump
Do you realize what you’re doing
Oh my god get down from there
Nobody wants you dead
Talk to us ok

Just please
Understand how much I love you
My best friend on earth
P**lease don’t jump
I wrote this not you. It's basically, well about suicide. I guess that's obvious.
Aug 2010 · 512
Angel, wandered
They told me she was an angel
I didn’t doubt that
I looked back and saw
Her blonde curls, perfect
Her blue eyes, perfect
Her fair skin, perfect
She had always been angelic

Nothing changed the fact
That she had wandered
From faith
From me
From her family
from home
and into the town
called “Nazareth”
where they found her

In the bed of the man’s truck
Her blonde curls soaked
With the blood
Her blue eyes wide open
Staring at the man
Who shoved the knife
Into her fair skin
And left her there

We all stood dressed in black
Looking at the polished stone
A statue of an angel
I began to cry
And my mom held me
She told me she was an angel
I didn’t doubt that
The first of a short series I've been working on. It's about a series of murders, inspired by the play "Fugue" It's a ten minute play, I'd advise reading it.
Aug 2010 · 1.3k
Where has the time gone?
Where has the time gone?

When did I see you last?

From it all you have withdrawn

Become a part of the past

And though I long for your embrace

I don’t know where to start

Because every time I see your face

It only breaks my heart
I wrote this about I friend of mine I care about deeply, but she's got a lot of things going on in her life that she hides from me.
Aug 2010 · 717
Her eyes are what broke me
It wasn’t the scars
I always see past the scars
But her eyes broke my heart
Katie handed me the leash
I could see she was crying
Tears flowing from her brown eyes
Brown eyes like Sandy’s
But Katie’s were different
Katie’s weren’t broken
But Sandy’s were fine
I like broken things.
I hugged Katie tight
“I’ll take care of here”
Katie sobbed a little
“It’s always hard.”
I bet it was.
In the car
Sandy rode in the back
But she cried and barked
Some pain and some fear
I knew she’d ridden in a man’s back seat
I knew why she was afraid
When I opened the car door she darted out
I scolded her
“Sandy no”
She cried again
I didn’t want to make her cry
She’d been through enough
I walked her through my yard
Before shutting the gate
And leaving her to explore on her own
While I watched curiously
She seemed alright
I fed her dinner
And watched her as she ate
Selfishly on guard
Keeping every last bit to herself
It wasn’t her fault
Just a habit
Like the barking and crying
From her crate
All night long
It wasn’t her fault
She was a fighting dog
It was how she felt safe
But I hoped she’d learn
She was safe
And seven years later
When my son patted her head
Tears streaming from his eyes
Brown like Sandy’s
And broken like hers were once
I looked into her eyes one last time
They broke me again
Even though they were no longer broken
I wrote this not you.

— The End —