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Kings have reigned less time
Than the years I spent loving you.
I'm glad it ended 10/4/17
I love you

But then


You're 28

Depending on me

To do basic needs

Turning an arm injury

Into a lifetime of excuses

I don't know what to do

Because there's this boy

Who actually seems like

Just slightly more of a man

And there's you grown

And slightly more childish

And my heart is flustered

And my brain confused

And I just wish you would grow up.
A kiss so sinfully delicious
That the devil himself
Cannot bare to watch.
He loves me more

Why is that such a scary concept for me

Scarier than when I loved you more.

Scarier than loving him back

Why does he love me more?
I remember
Because it's impossible to forget
That gut wrenching pain
That feeling when you truly think your heart has broken
All the tears cried
And all the short breaths
Not sure if I wanted to breathe at all
Not sure if living without your love was worth it
I remember what it was loving you

It was heartbreak.
People love to reminisce,
They love to remember high school days

But for me
That's means remembering you

The break ups
And the fights

The love making in hallways

The ditching

The apologies
And broken promises

The lies and mistrust

Remembering isn't always fun, sometimes you remember heartbreak

So when someone tells me to look back and remember

I'll tell them I only look forward.
In a parallel universe
We were soulmates.
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