victoria Oct 2016

What brings an undaunted Warrior down on his knees?"

It is a Woman,
A woman's tears can pierce into the most rigid of souls.
It is her charms and calls
that falls like splendors on morning leaves.
Her sway and bounce, that sends shivers into the hearts.

Such are the nights 
she envelopes him in a tailwind,
both of them buoyed 
by his regard 
of her every thing.
Quenched and drunk 
on the essence 
of love in action
happen the mornings when he 
is the rising sun itself
that draws her 
like a mist from the ocean.

And as the moon transverses the lone sky, searching for a mystery to peruse the earth with brooding glow,
So she glows her man into a brighter him.
She encloses within her, moments of illumination, that even the darkest of souls cannot quench.
Such are the days of her unending rainfalls, where she wets up the shallowest of earth's depths.... 
Intertwining between seasons and spheres.
Her heart is like the endlessness of the ocean,
Constantly drawing him with her hips into a wave of boundless journey.

And so it is 
as it always was
through the ages of transience,
their enigma constant
unending, prevailed
against the steely, storming  
skies of angst en masse  
that would test loves mettle;
where true warriors, undaunted 
rise above, arced
in kaleidoscopic triumph.

Bold type verses by Ovi-Odiete
victoria Sep 2016

Born of the same bloodstained earth 
they bathed in the sultry musings 
of pleasure, of pain...
She'd learnt well 
how to worship with legs 
on a landscape
where sorrow reigned.

Attracted to the scent of 
arrogance that sat on curled lips
she took him
head to head;
her fingers strumming  
in the juke joints of his calves
as her hair swayed a rhythm 
to the ringing heat and sweat 
of his thunder.

Others came and went,
with their quiet hands
cupping her breasts
while she 
lost to the rivers of Amélie
until he'd find her again
between the lines;
where she'd bring him to his knees
in an act of reverence
caress his cheeks
with the quiver
of her thighs.

victoria Sep 2016

Harvesters reward
Seeds sown, changing landscapes grown
Her heaven in earth

victoria Sep 2016

Creek bed Blue mussel

Her nacre clamps brought to light

Unhinged in the swim

victoria Sep 2016

Swamped in sensual delight on coastal paths 
where Natures descent into disorder
sees days of dragon breath heat 
chill in simmering banter with Autumn
while maples and oaks look on
in stages of undress blushing
in their falling foliage,
many are the burdened boughs of braeburn, 
bittersweet their spoils of late summers fruition.

Jumping from my bike enraptured
I kick up a frenzied fuss of yellowing greens
that whip a breeze around my knees
till there before me 
the prickly gift of horse chestnut seen,
such joy is the perfect seed that promises conker kudos.

Eyes catch glimpses of staghorn sumac
flaunting purple panicles these vibrant conical clusters 
line my passage to the music of
lemon gorse exploding its seed in my wake;
here the skylarks song calls from high above 
hedgerows teeming with sloe, hips and haws
and lingering insects fall like drunken fools
that supped last orders from end of season berries
mouth-wateringly ripe their syrup drips from lips 
and fingertips stained pink in the pensive rays of dappled sun.

I stop to marvel at soiled beds 
where life and death lie side by side
as seeds nestle under blankets of scattered leaves
'neath hawthorns untamed
that bend with the wind
while still is their central haven.

How amazing this tilted earth that ends this day
finding me feverishly swaying 
to the highs and lows of season and tide 
in passionate dance with this nights Harvest moon.

victoria Sep 2016

I wish for you always within these rings
A glow that bands the seasons of your time
Where faithful vows and tender touches bring
The warmth that is your wedded loves' sunshine
Those silent morning smiles in pockets keep
For coupled moments whisper all day long
And dance like youthful ripples heartfelt deep
Till night unfolds them into your love song
On days you're lost in lonely haze disguise
Where stifled rays risk settling into dust
Love finds you sipping sunset flaming skies
Refreshed in quenched displays of fiery lust.
May all your days of marriage hereon in
Feel comfort like suns warmth upon your skin

Repost. My eldest daughter gets married tomorrow.
victoria Aug 2016

She spoke of her spins,
wheels of fortune,
spun with carousel smiles
that list now;
and static as the stagnant pools
of her moribund eyes.
Enid had sensed the seasons' shift
like a migratory curtailed;
conscious and a little embarrassed
of an indiscernible something
about her manner
which felt, she said,
like the leaden longing
on nights of the orange moon
that had yielded nothing but a pale sun.

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